A celebration of nursing: Team sport of the year

The care team, especially nurses, went over and beyond during the pandemic.

Much more than clinician, they became friend, family and lifeline to patients uncertain of their outcome. They in turn leaned into the team that continues to support them.

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Effects of COVID-19 on newly licensed registered nurses

While the full effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the nursing workforce remain to be seen, newly licensed registered nurses are a particularly vulnerable segment. A recently released infographic using data from the Vizient/AACN Nurse Residency Program™ describes the effect the pandemic has had on new nurses’ well-being and offers next steps to improve their engagement. More details are available in a recent blog post.

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Support Nurse Residents (NRs) and promote engagement and satisfaction in their careers. Engage and monitor NRs at the unit level to address decreasing engagement.

Advancing team culture

Health care workers have proven themselves resilient and agile throughout the pandemic. Sustaining the advances made during the challenges are essential to achieve high team performance.

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Well-being and engagement

The pandemic has increased stress on systems, especially increased levels of stress and burnout, absenteeism, and turnover among clinicians. It has also renewed focus on the importance of clinical well-being.

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Clinician Compensation

The physician shortage has leaders considering how much APPs, like nurse practitioners, can mitigate the shortage. Success relies on structures, processes and cultures to embrace the APP workforce.

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Solutions to support your nurses and clinical team

Nurse Residency Program

A yearlong, highly customizable program that helps new-to-practice nurses make the transition from academia to clinical practice.

Physician and APP Onboarding Program

An onboarding solution designed to create a consistent, evidence-based experience that will drive retention, strategic alignment, engagement, safety and well-being.

Clinical Team Insights

A web-based Community group and analytic solution designed to help health care organizations assess organizational culture, structure and processes for the entire provider team.

Clinical Data Base

The Vizient Clinical Data Base (CDB) is the definitive analytics platform for performance improvement, providing transparent data for peer benchmarking and sustainable improvement.

Clinical Practice Solution Center

Powerful analytics tools, peer collaboration and analytic services to help academic medical centers drive clinical and financial performance.

Accreditation Services

Services and resources to help you to stay on top of health care accreditation and regulation including expert consultants and education.

Patient Safety Organization

An AHRQ-listed Patient Safety Organization dedicated to accelerating improvements in patient safety outcomes.


Vizient Member Networks

Through Vizient Member Networks, leaders can quickly identify issues and problems, find answers faster and implement solutions more rapidly. We connect leaders to learn from each other, improve through collaboration and build solutions to health care’s most pressing problems.


Our highly rated workshops include education on accreditation, safety and management systems, and value analysis – everything to help our members achieve better systemness, patient safety and improve revenue.

Learn how we can help advance your nurse leaders with unbeatable training and tools.