Supply assurance: working to ensure there's no shortage of it

In today's global market, we want to give providers confidence that critical supplies and essential medications are accessible when needed in delivering high-quality patient care. It's supply assurance, and it's part of our long-standing core business.

Our wealth of experience, actionable data and predictive planning helps to strengthen supply assurance. Further, our work with stakeholders focuses on improving supply chain risk mitigation as we collaborate to enhance data, increase supply visibility and expand inventory access.

Four themes keep us centered and are the pillars of our supply chain assurance efforts: insights, access, enablement and advocacy. Learn more about our supply assurance strategy

How we can help improve your access to essential medications and critical supplies

Improving care with additional essential product access

Novaplus Enhanced Supply delivers access to additional inventory of essential medications and products. Our awarded suppliers produce additional supply to mitigate supply chain risk.

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Securing resiliency in your
supply chain

Shortages and shutdowns seem inevitable. We offer disaster preparedness solutions to help you prepare for response before and during events, and recover and stabilize operations after events.

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Connecting industry leaders to end drug shortages

The End Drug Shortage Alliance is a collaboration of select health systems, leaders in supply chain and other industry stakeholders dedicated to solving pharmaceutical supply challenges.

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Learning events for building your supply assurance acumen

Member resources

Vizient members can access these and many other supply and medication resources to sustain and improve both operations and patient outcomes. Login is required.

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Access tools and resources to help prepare and sustain operations before, during and after emergency situations.

Critical supply profiles help members proactively plan for potential supply chain disruptions in product categories affected by constraints in the market. Each profile provides insights on manufacturing, logistics and utilization.

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