A significant disruption isn’t needed to cultivate supply chain resilience, but it can help

Ensuring critical supplies and medications are where they are needed, when they are needed has never been simple, even before COVID-19.

For many years across many disruptions, Vizient® has served as an information sharing hub across supply chain stakeholders. We are extending our focus to provide actionable solutions that support supply chain improvements to reduce response time and increase availability during unexpected events.

Improving supply resilience requires a new approach to increase trust and transparency

As disruptive events continue to increase in frequency and impact, we are evolving the way we support member-guided needs to reduce the impact of demand surges and supply shortages.

Resilience is an ongoing journey that requires preparation to quickly respond, apply quantitative performance measures, and recover to stabilize the supply chain operation. Leaders across the health care supply chain must plan in a way that leads to increased visibility and sustainability.

We’ve identified three key strategies to improve supply resilience based on insights from previous experience and recent dynamics to be ready for what’s now and what’s next.


Promoting the adoption and utilization of supplier pedigree data standards across the health
care community.


Our hands-on services help members determine disaster readiness and manage critical supply from origin to bedside.


Our resilience solution provides visibility into the availability, consumption and need for supplies.

Supply resilience for essential medications

The Novaplus Enhanced Supply Program directly addresses supply chain resilience by providing additional inventory for critical drugs that are necessary for providing immediate and high-quality patient care.

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