Vizient® members are committed to economic development through greater supplier choice, and look to us to award agreements to high-performing and price-competitive suppliers. Our supplier diversity program fulfills these goals by supporting the development of minority, woman and veteran business enterprises (MWVBEs) that meet high-quality standards. We also seek to work with suppliers who proactively seek strategic partnerships with diverse companies.

The Vizient supplier diversity program offers many benefits for suppliers and hospitals alike.

Benefits of supplier diversity for awarded suppliers

An agreement with Vizient offers suppliers increased efficiency, visibility and credibility. Guided by a highly credentialed contracting process, awarded suppliers meet the supply chain needs of more than 100,000 Vizient members. Access to such a diverse customer base is especially important for diverse suppliers who are looking to expand their portfolio by offering comparable products at more competitive prices.

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Benefits of supplier diversity for members

Our supplier diversity program offers a number of benefits for members, including:

  • Driving competition on price, quality and service
  • Encouraging innovation with the development of new products and services
  • Providing more channels from which to purchase needed equipment and supplies
  • Working with a supply chain that mirrors the diversity in their own workforce and patient populations

In addition, research shows that hospital supplier diversity programs contribute to profitability, and that businesses that embrace diversity and inclusion in general are more profitable than those that do not.

Supplier diversity program resources

Vizient members have exclusive access to additional resources and information.

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