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The Vizient Pediatric Program is an industry-leading GPO supply chain program providing an exclusive product portfolio of pediatric medical supplies and pediatric equipment.

The program supports pediatric caregivers with high-quality products, services, analytics, and value-add offerings. It helps reduce supply spend, advance supply chain efficiencies, and improve organizational effectiveness. The program also integrates communication and educational opportunities to enrich clinical staff.


Pediatric Tech Watch

At the forefront of innovation, the Tech Watch forges a pathway to improved outcomes with expert insights on pediatric trends, technologies, and pharmaceuticals.

Tech Watch, Vol. 6, 2020

Topics: Children’s hospitals’ response to COVID-19, childhood vaccinations, pediatric drug approvals and price forecast, innovative technologies.

Tech Watch, Vol. 7, 2021

Topics: Digital health strategies and virtual health forecast, governing pediatric
sedation for comfort during procedures, COVID-19 vaccines in kids

Delivering variety, quality and value for pediatric caregivers

Members may also receive improved financial returns through innovative solutions such as Impact Standardization, Novaplus® and National Group Buys.

In addition to the GPO industry’s largest national pediatric contract portfolio, the Pediatric Program includes products that deliver additional cost savings.

Program suppliers and products

Alliance Labs DocuSol® Kids Mini-Enema

Alliance Labs pursues best-in-class pharmaceutical innovation to provide better health and a better future for both customers and employees.

Product information

The DocuSol Kids Mini-Enema is a five mL mini-enema containing a delivered dose of 100 mg docusate sodium in a proprietary blend containing polyethylene glycol. It is designed to give a child general constipation relief in two to 15 minutes. It features a soft, flexible tip for easy insertion and a non-irritating formula. It is an ideal solution for patients unwilling or unable to swallow medication.

Featured resources

For further information on this product or additional training resources, please contact Alliance Labs.

Currie Medical Specialties Inc. is a leading provider and innovator in the design, manufacturing and marketing of pneumatic compression devices and garments for the prevention of deep vein thrombosis.

Product information

Currie Medical Specialties has created the first FDA-cleared garments specifically designed to fit pediatric patients for pneumatic compression in order to prevent venous thromboembolism (VTE). Currie Kids provides a full range of coverage for all pediatric patients.

For further information on these products, please watch Currie Medical Specialties’ educational videos or contact the company.

DandleLION Medical manufactures special products for the neonatal population that are designed to support the neurodevelopment of premature and ill infants. Products are all natural, eco-friendly and sustainable. DandleLION also provides clinical education with CEU credit and resources such as The Empower ProgramTM, an early intervention family-centered, -multi-sensory, development care program for parents of babies born at less than 30 weeks gestation.

Product information

Dandle ROO™ is the first system to support prone, supine and side-lying positions all in one device. Developed by NICU professionals to support the neurodevelopment of preterm and ill infants.

Dandle ROO™ Lite was developed to support the neurodevelopment of the preterm and ill infant when a disposable product better meets the needs of the baby or the NICU staff. The ROO Lite may be hand laundered or machine washed in a gentle cycle. It can also be used during phototherapy.

Dandle WRAP™ supports positioning of the developing, more competent infant and may be used in support of back to sleep practice, especially for those babies who struggle with the transition from positioning aids to an unsupported supine position.

DandleLION Thermal Hat keeps heat from escaping with a quiet polyethylene liner (DEHP and latex free) that is encased between two layers of soft yarn so it never touches the baby.

Featured resources

More information on DandleLION’s product line, educational resources and in-service videos can be found on their website.

DeRoyal Industries is a manufacturer and distributor of a dedicated line of infant and neonatal products. DeRoyal also offers other products that are suitable for use in the pediatric patient population.

Product information

The critical measurement canister is designed to be used for accurate measurement of small volumes of liquid. It offers easy-to-read graduations with calibrations in five cc increments. The canister fits in standard 1200 cc wall brackets and can be used as a stand-alone or in tandem. It includes a shut-off mechanism and is disposable.

The neonatal skin temperature sensor probes feature a one-piece direct plug-in design compatible with all warming equipment, and a unique color-coding system to ensure proper sensor identification during use and storage. The probes require no interface cables. Practitioners are offered a choice of hydrogel or adhesive pads to adhere to fragile infant skin without irritation. The reflective sensor cover deflects radiant heat for more accurate readings.

The orthopedic ankle products and softgoods line includes immobilizers, walking supports, splints, slings, and braces. Products are designed with soft construction for optimal patient comfort, breathability, safety and strength.

Featured resources

For product information, visit DeRoyal’s website. DeRoyal offers a variety of online tools to make ordering and using its products easier. For further information or additional training resources, please contact DeRoyal.

Dräger offers thermoregulation, ventilation, jaundice management, monitoring and architectural design solutions to provide a nurturing and healing environment for pediatric patients.

Product information

The Babylog VN500 and Evita Infinity V500 are highly advanced ventilation units for use in acute care respiratory support for infants, children and adults. Delivering high performance ventilation capabilities, comprehensive monitoring and effective treatment functions, the Babylog VN500 and the Evita Infinity V500 are ideal for clinical use in the NICU.

The Babyleo TN500 combines features of a classical incubator with warming bed functionalities and provides optimal thermoregulation for neonates in open care, closed care and transition. It is designed with infection in mind – featuring a completely closed humidification system provided by steam from boiled water.

Draeger’s architectural products include the Ponta Ceiling Beam System and the GeminaDUO Supply Column System. These products enable providers to optimize the quality and efficiency of patient care.

Featured resources

Receive real-time support from Intensive Care On-line Network (ICON) clinicians on a 24/7 basis.

Visit A Breath Ahead, an interactive community for leaders and practitioners in respiratory care. It offers information on patient safety and opportunities to earn continuing respiratory care education (CRCE) credits, in addition to networking opportunities.

Take the Basics of Respiration and Ventilation eLearning course, an accredited program by the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) for four hours of non-traditional CRCE credits.

FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc. is committed to providing the best pediatric solutions with its proven safety, advanced precision, enhanced comfort, and specialized presentation.

Product information

Fujifilm’s pediatric digital X-ray solutions provide gentle dose without sacrificing image quality, the ability to eliminate grids to reduce dose and retakes, and even complement infection controls with exclusive antibacterial coating. Products are designed with a focus on dose management and include FDA 510(k) clearance for pediatric uses.


  • FDR D-EVO II: Fujifilm’s most durable and reliable digital radiography (DR) detectors feature Csl and patented Irradiated Side Sampling (ISS) circuitry designed to facilitate diagnostic certainty with enhanced image clarity, sharpness, and contrast—and lower, more gentle dose—for the smallest and most sensitive of patients.
  • FDR D-EVO GL: The world’s first and only single-exposure, long-length DR detector increases safety and comfort through faster image acquisition and lower dose. The time that patients have to remain still is reduced, the dose is reduced by as much as 50% and the need for grids for scoliosis, spine and long-leg exams is eliminated.


  • FDR AQRO: A revolutionary compact, portable digital X-ray system with ultra-low dose and excellent maneuverability for the tightest of spaces and easy in-department storage for on-demand dedicated availability.
  • FDR Go: This compact design is smooth and speedy, making it one of the world’s quietest and most agile mobile X-ray platforms—and a reliable ally when treating young patients.
    The latest model features one of the lowest telescoping columns and smallest tube head designs available. Pediatric graphic wraps are optionally available for both systems to help ease patient and parent fears during the exam.
  • FDR-flex with FDR D-EVO II: FDR-flex (detector & laptop) mobile kit easily turns any analog system into a DR solution in seconds. It is great for use in hospitals, clinics and remote medical environments. FDR-flex can also serve as reliable backup for X-ray room use and is compact enough to be carried to patients anywhere in the hospital.

Featured resources 

Fujifilm digital x-ray pediatrics solutions eBrochure provides a high level overview of the unique benefits offered by Fujifilm’s pediatric solutions, and the various high sensitivity digital X-ray detectors and portable solutions available to you.

As a pioneer in digital X-ray, Fujifilm maximizes workflow efficiencies and provides exceptional image quality at a low dose.

For further information on these products or additional training resources, you may contact Fujifilm.

Halyard Health is a medical technology company focused on advancing health and health care by preventing infection, eliminating pain and speeding recovery.

Product information

The Halyard Child's Face Mask is the first mask that meets FDA guidelines for pediatric use. It is recommended for children ages 4-12 and includes a detailed IFU for its safe and effective use. The mask features comfortable fitted ear loops, a formable nose wire for custom fit on small faces and Disney® characters to make infection prevention fun.

Featured resources

For further information on this product or additional training resources, please contact Halyard.

Hollister Ostomy brings together decades of experience in ostomy care, a robust selection of products and a true understanding of your patients' needs.

Product information

Pouchkins Pediatric Pouching System is an advanced product featuring the SoftFlex skin barrier, which is designed to be flexible and gentle on sensitive skin. The system’s odor-barrier film and Pouchkins tubing are designed to provide a comfortable experience for the youngest patients.

Featured resources

Hollister has assembled various information sources and educational opportunities in a continuing education resource center to support the professional advancement of nurses who care for people with ostomies:

  • Shadow Buddies dolls are special friends for children who have had or will have ostomy surgery. They are great tools to help with education and care giving.
  • The caregiver booklet provides support and guidance to those caring for a loved one with an ostomy. It provides comfort to parents by addressing special concerns related to caring for a child with an ostomy.
  • The Day I Got My Stoma is a resource for parents or caregivers and children with ostomies. It contains stories written by parents of children with ostomies and teens/tweens with an ostomy, and was compiled by a children's stoma nurse specialist at Sheffield Children's Hospital in the United Kingdom.     
  • Ostomy Educational Theater is a series of videos helping patients understand what to expect before and after surgery. Colostomy, ileostomy, and urostomy versions are also available in multiple languages.
  • Secure Start provides a lifetime of free personalized support to patients so they can live their lives their way. Patients are matched with lifetime service coordinators and ostomy product experts. Once coordinators establish product fit, patients are connected to suppliers that accept their in-network insurance. Coordinators regularly follow up with patients over their lifetime.

For further information on this product or additional training resources, please contact Hollister.

The Huggies® brand focuses on delivering products that support skin health and healthy growth and development. Its complete portfolio of diapers, wipes, training pants and youth pants meet the needs of a wide range of pediatric patients. The brand has partnered with neonatal nurses to continually improve the overall fit and performance of its diapers and wipes in support of improved clinical outcomes.

Product information

Huggies is constantly innovating to keep babies comfortable and dry. The Leak Lock system, GentleAbsorb Liner and pocketed back waistband keep the mess in the diaper and away from the baby's skin. The color-changing wetness indicator lets caregivers know when it's time to change the diaper. For comfort, the diapers feature an umbilical cord cutout, double grip strips, a flexible waistband and SureFit design.

The Micro-Preemie Diaper is designed in partnership with NICU nurses and is made to protect fragile skin.

Huggies Wipes have soft TripleClean layers that are thick enough to handle any mess but soft against the baby's skin. Huggies Natural Care Extra Sensitive Wipes are made with a water-based formula free of alcohol, fragrance and dyes.

For further information on these products, please contact Huggies.

The Enfamil brand is focused on providing safe, high-quality and innovative pediatric nutrition products that help nourish infants through toddlerhood. Enfamil Staged Nutrition formulas are based on the changing nutrition in breast milk as babies grow.

Product information

Enfamil Infant Formula is scientifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of newborns, infants, toddlers and children, including the support of neural development with brain-nourishing DHA. The Enfamil brand also encompasses specialized formulas for babies with sensitive stomachs, malabsorption, lactose intolerance and other needs, as well as a line for premature babies.

Featured resources

For further information on these products or additional training resources, please contact Mead Johnson. You may also call 800-BABY-123.

MedComp develops, manufactures, markets and supports cutting-edge vascular access devices and accessories to meet the clinical needs of the medical industry, particularly in the fields of interventional medicine and dialysis.

Product information

The Split Cath® is America's number one dialysis catheter and meets the National Kidney Foundation Guidelines for pediatric vascular access for all pediatric patient weights. The two floating lumens on the Split Cath III improve patency and flow and lower recirculation compared to a traditional step-tip catheter. The material is both alcohol- and iodine-compatible, making the catheter strong, biocompatible and kink resistant.

MedComp's Pediatric Vascu-PICC® catheters are taperless, reducing the incidence of vessel trauma in smaller vasculature. Multiple function luers eliminate separate access lines to decrease vessel trauma. Thermosensitive polyurethane material provides strength and control during insertion.

Pediatric Dignity® Mini CT Ports are the smallest in the industry, making them both comfortable and nearly undetectable, yet easy to palpate and maintain. The smooth tapered contours and lightweight materials allow for maximum patient comfort.

Featured resources

  • Learn about the compatibility of MedComp's products with commonly used site care formulations
  • Watch this video on how to insert MedComp’s Pediatric Split Cath®
  • Watch this video to learn about MedComp’s Pediatric Dignity® Mini CT Port , approved for use in both CECT injections and infusion therapy

For further information on these products or additional training resources, please contact MedComp.

Medefil is a leading manufacturer of prefilled heparin and saline flush syringes. Medefil syringes are produced in the U.S. and contain no preservatives, are dose-specific, accurately labeled and easily identified, promoting safety and preventing medication dosing errors.

Product information

The MedeFlush heparin IV flush syringes (1 unit/milliliter) are specifically developed for neonatal intensive care units (NICU). Unique features of the MedeFlush heparin syringes include:

  • Low-dose prefilled heparin syringes designed specifically for use in the NICU
  • Tip cap and label are color-coded by concentration with easy-to-read labels to prevent medication errors
  • Bar code and NDC number included on the dispenser box and individual syringes
  • Two year shelf life, compared to pharmacy-compounded alternatives which have a typical shelf like of seven days
  • Latex-fee and contains no preservatives, DEHP, PVC, bisphenol A, or mercury
  • Includes No Reflux flushing technology
  • Lowest PSI of any flush syringe (12mL or less) creates smooth flow of flush solution with less pressure
  • Thicker wall construction eliminates barrel distortion, keeping fluid in the sterile zone of the syringe
  • ISO compliant

Featured resources

For more information visit the Medefil website.

MedFare has been providing printed materials to the health care industry for over 40 years. Its pediatric offerings help make mealtime more fun while providing information to patients and their parents.

Product highlights

MedFare's KidFare Interactive TrayTop Program helps make mealtimes engaging and informative. Products include pediatric tray covers, napkins, hand wipes, and menus as part of the tray-top product offering. The pediatric tray covers are themed and include games, facts, and an interactive QR code that links to additional food and wellness information. MedFare can customize the design to match your patients’ needs, and there are no minimum orders.

For further information on these products, please contact MedFare.

Novadien Healthcare recently was selected to participate in the Preferred Pediatric Program for their Circumplast circumcision device, a Vizient Innovative Technology Designated Product.

Product information

The Circumplast device is a sterile, single-use circumcision product designed with a ligature and is proven to be the safest method of circumcision. It eliminates the complications (ring migration/impaction) associated with the use of bell-shaped devices. The Circumplast is FDA approved, CE certified and TGA approved.

Featured resources

For more information, see the Circumplast product brochure. For clinical evidence on the safety and efficacy of the Circumplast as well as information on how the device eliminates the risk of ring migration/impaction, access the Case Series white paper and the Case Study.

The Performance Health pediatric offering is designed to help you take care of what's most important – your patients. With more than 60 years of experience, Performance Health provides everything your patients need to function at their best.

Product information

Performance Health has a full range of pediatric rehabilitation and therapeutic devices that assist with daily activities, mobility and therapy. The product line includes Tumble Forms, one of the most trusted names in pediatric seating and positioning.

Featured resources

Visit Performance Health Academy for evidence-based clinical education resources. For more information on the Performance Health products, visit their website and their Pediatric Therapy page.

Pampers® is dedicated to every baby's happy, healthy development by providing safe, reliable products that keep your baby clean and dry. Procter & Gamble offers a complete portfolio of diapers, wipes, training pants and youth pants.

Product information

Pampers® Diapers are the number one choice in hospitals. These diapers feature Blankie Soft™ material with an umbilical cord notch to keep babies comfortable. The Extra Absorb Channels™, Absorb Away Liner and Wetness Indicator are features that help keep children comfortable and protected.

Featured resources

Read a case study on skin care for the NICU patient; Procter & Gamble contributed to the research.

For further information on these products or additional resources, please contact Procter & Gamble.

Sarstedt has developed pediatric collection systems that make the process of collecting blood gentle and painless for pediatric patients who are more sensitive to these procedures.

Product information

The S-Monovette® Pediatrics products are suitable for all vein conditions and achieve an optimal sample quality, through a gentle aspiration technique for routine blood collection. This produces the lowest possible patient discomfort, with minimum sample volumes from your youngest patients. The Micro Needle, along with the micro sample tubes, allows gentle blood collection for newborns and premature babies, and eliminates the snapping off of needles.

Featured resources

For more information on Sarstedt products, access their product brochure.

Seca Medical Scales and Measuring Systems Awarded by MedAssets

As the worldwide market leader in the field of medical measuring and weighing, Seca is dedicated to providing high-precision, timeless modern scales and measuring systems. The Seca service network guarantees the continual servicing of their precision devices and maintains close contact with users in order to support doctors and medical staff.

Product information

Seca has a unique infant scale product line with electronic medical record (EMR) integration where patient measurements are saved directly in an EMR system, providing access to accurate patient information.

  • Seca 333 i: This precise baby scale (with optional digital measuring rod) is equipped to meet ever-increasing pediatric demands. The EMR-certified connectivity transmits weight and length directly into the EMR.
  • Seca 374: This EMR-validated baby scale is ergonomic and transmits weight and length measurements directly to an EMR system with the press of a button. Its extra-large weighing tray makes it comfortable to weigh a seated toddler up to 44 pounds. The adjustable damping function, combined with the auto-hold, ensures fast and precise measuring.
  • Seca 727: This EMR-validated scale measures the fine graduation of 1 gram for detecting even the slightest weight changes. The scale is optimal for use in neonatal intensive care units and the wireless transmission of measurements eliminates manual entry errors. An advanced integrated damping system together with the hold function provides quick, precise weighing even if the baby is restless. The backlit LCD display ensures comfortable reading of the digits, even in dimmed rooms.

Featured resources

Medical devices from Seca are providing vital parameters that have a direct relation to the treatment of disease in frontline care. Precise patient total-body weight measurements are essential to providers when making decisions on patient care.

Learn more about Seca products and how their EMR-integrated solutions can support the highest-quality care.

Learn how Seca makes patient encounters safer for medical personnel when weighing and measuring patients.

Sizewise pediatric products are designed to heal. With their innovative technology in support surfaces such as crib mattresses and bassinet pads, Sizewise is able to provide support for pediatric patients with symptoms including pain, muscle cramps, sleep problems, and pressure ulcers.

Product information

Sizewise Pediatric Pulse™ offers soothing comfort of pulsation along with a vapor-permeable, low-friction, and anti-shear top cover for increased capillary blood flow, providing pediatric patients the best pressure injury prevention. With the availability of a pressure redistribution mattress that is custom built for existing crib frames, Sizewise is able to provide support from birth to the bedside.

Featured resources

For more information, visit the Sizewise website and access the case study, Predicting Prevention: A Retrospective Review of High Risk Children Placed on Crib Mattresses Designed to Support Skin Integrity

Spectrum Dynamics Medical is a global leader in specialized SPECT cardiac imaging equipment. Spectrum Dynamics has developed the first 360° CZT, ring-shaped gantry scanning technology, the VERITON-CT digital SPECT/CT.

Product information

The 3D VERITON-CT digital SPECT/CT scanner is unlike any other, ring-shaped gantry, with a 360o CZT 12-detector design that automatically moves close to the patient's body, following its shape. That 360° wraparound helps improve scans of children because the detectors can get within millimeters of kids' smaller frames, unlike traditional scanners with detectors at a fixed diameter. The machine helps young patients feel comfortable with the procedure: it's faster than the traditional analog 180o dual head camera.

Because the digital detectors snugly surround the patient to sense maximum photons, the high-definition images require lower injected dose than non-digital scanner technology. The VERITON-CT scans from head to toes in 3D mode, providing detailed information in a single scanning session. The whole process is easier on the patient, with less need for extra views and shortened exam times. Plus, the imaging efficiency of a hybrid scanner provides both physiologic and pathologic information.

Featured resources

For more information on the 3D VERITON-CT digital SPECT/CT, access their product brochure.

Z-Medica is a medical device manufacturer based in the U.S. Z-Medica develops innovative hemorrhage control products.

Product information

The QuickClot® technology accelerates the body’s natural clotting cascade for babies and children. The QuikClot dressing is a nonwoven hydrophilic gauze impregnated with kaolin, an inorganic mineral that is both safe and effective in accelerating the body’s natural clotting cascade without any exothermic reactions or use of animal or human proteins.

Featured resources

For more information, visit the Z=Medica website.

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