Connect procedural supply and clinical data

Procedural Analytics combines procedural supply and clinical data to help healthcare providers understand the drivers of supply costs, utilization and quality of care. This data can be viewed by physician, facility, procedure or supply category. Leading organizations are using this data to build the foundation for their clinical supply integration projects.


Procedural Analytics provides two views

Supply view

Procedural Analytics - Supply view

The supply-only view provides information on total cost, quantity of supplies used, average cost per case and average quantity used per procedural case. Price index is also displayed for members who participate in Vizient Savings Actualyzer-Supplies Benchmarking.

Clinical View

Procedural Analytics - Clinical view

The clinically integrated view is available to Clinical Data Base members. This view includes clinical patient outcome metrics in addition to the supply metrics. These clinical metrics include length of stay, complications and readmissions data.

Robust data provides credible insights

Procedural Analytics employs robust data quality assessments and validations. Data is charge-code agnostic, pulled directly from the procedural source system.

Procedural Analytics provides the following benchmark metrics:
  • Average procedural supply and category cost
  • Price index
  • Patient age
  • Room time
  • Procedure Time
  • Avg length of stay (LOS) observed
  • Avg LOS expected
  • Complications per 1000
  • Readmissions

Guided Analytics gives you:

  • Rapid identification of opportunities based on performance compared to peers
  • Clear visuals with bar charts and accompanying data tables below
  • Easy drill-through
  • Export all case details

Report Builder includes
  • Various reports for procedural supply cost, utilization and internal variation
  • Customized data analysis with group-by variables and filters
  • Export capability with preferred data criteria

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