Procedural Analytics is the Vizient analytics module that connects procedural supply utilization and cost at the item level with clinical outcomes. This data can be filtered and viewed by encounter, physician and facility. Leading organizations are using this data to build the foundation for their clinical supply integration projects.

Connect procedural supply and clinical data

Vizient Procedural Analytics connects data from the procedural area — including procedure details and supply utilization — with supply cost, price index and the clinical outcomes for the encounter. The outcome data is specific about supply usage at the catalog and manufacturer level.

Drill into supply utilization from product attribution to specific catalog number

Data is charge-code agnostic, pulled directly from the procedural source system daily, weekly or monthly as specified by the user. The catalog-level data allows you to see the Vizient hierarchy of supply attribution.

Analyze robust data to gain credible insights

Procedural Analytics employs robust data quality and processing as well as thorough validations to the raw procedural case, supply cost, clinical match and supply chain data. You can use this data to determine how your supply utilization and pricing compare to the cohort of benchmarking facilities.

Vizient Clinical Data Base (CDB) members will also see Vizient-expected values for patient cohorts in their Procedural Analytics dashboard. These expected values are based on the Vizient best-in-class risk-adjustment methodology, which enables facilities to have informed conversations about the acuity of their patient cohorts, view them relative to other comparable facilities and set appropriate performance targets.

Procedural Analytics provides two views

The module provides two ways to view the data: a clinically integrated view and a supply-only view. Supply cost and utilization data is available in both views, and you can view the data by procedure groupings, physicians, supplies or facilities.

  • The supply-only view provides near real-time data on total quantity of supplies used, average price per case and average quantity used per case.
  • The clinically integrated view is available to CDB members. This view includes clinical outcome metrics, such as length of stay, complications and readmissions data, in addition to the supply-only metrics.

Engage stakeholders to lower care costs

Adapting clinical preference item programs to meet today's market conditions is critical. Vizient experts and leaders from Health Future, LLC will be sharing leading practices and examples of how to align with suppliers for optimal supply chain operations that sustainably reduce the total cost of care in part 2 of our webcast series airing on Tuesday, Dec. 8 at 1 p.m. CT.

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