The case for a comprehensive health care onboarding solution

Physicians and advanced practice providers (APPs) reflect a delivery system’s culture and values, and provide the foundation for safe and cost-effective care delivery.

Yet clinicians often fail to achieve their full potential, in part because these critical members of the care team are rarely onboarded in an intentional, thorough and consistent manner.



The power of engagement

Clinician engagement maximizes impact from day one. See how Yale New Haven Health utilized the Physician and Advanced Practice Providers onboarding program to reach a new level of engagement.



Advancing team culture: workforce effectiveness during COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, health care workers have adapted, innovated and partnered beyond previous cultural traditions. Current developments in clinical teamwork include proven strategies to foster effective teams in our new normal.

Read about cultivating a high-functioning care team that has patients and families at its center.

COVID-19 strains clinician well-being

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused considerable strain on physicians and APPs: 14% plan to change jobs and 18% plan to retire, temporarily close their practices or opt out of patient care.1

Clinical leaders must address clinician burnout and the mental health of their frontline and establish a new normal for staff.


Approximate turnover rate for newly hired clinicians in their first three years of employment


Turnover expense for an advanced practice provider


Percentage of employed physicians who believe they have little influence on the health care system

A best-in-class solution

Vizient® has been working with members for many years to understand their needs and the needs of their clinicians. The Physician and APP Onboarding Program is designed to create a consistent, evidence-based experience that will drive retention, strategic alignment, engagement, safety and well-being.

A unique approach to onboarding

We offer our members the platform, structure and support to move beyond the pre-employment checklist

  • A customizable program adapted to member needs that can be delivered virtually when required
  • A choice of six- or 12-session formats, plus a transition-to-practice track to meet the needs of newly practicing clinicians
  • Expert-led support, resources and ongoing curriculum updates
  • National knowledge sharing and data insights

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Increase your physician and APP engagement

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Clinician Onboarding: The On-Ramp to Engagement, Alignment, and Cost Savings

On a daily basis, clinicians face challenges such as lack of alignment with health system strategy as well as well-being and burnout issues from the demands of professional duties. These are just a few areas where we need to help clinicians achieve success while managing the demands of practice.

Ensuring Maximum Well-being and Engagement: A Checklist for Clinician Onboarding

COVID-19 is placing increased demands on health systems and clinicians as well as a renewed focus on the importance of clinician well-being. An effective clinician onboarding program can help ensure clinician well-being and engagement throughout their career — including times of immense stress — but it needs to begin on day one.

Clinical Workforce Conference 2021 recap

Watch the sessions from last year covering new issues arising from the COVID-19 pandemic as well as ongoing challenges.

Conversations focused on issues affecting clinicians, shared leading practices and discussions on the path forward for clinical teams as the health care industry stabilizes after COVID-19, adapts to our new normal, and evolves to remain successful during and after the pandemic.

Additional solutions to support your clinical workforce

Vizient/AACN Nurse Residency Program

This yearlong, highly customizable program helps new nurses make a smooth transition from academia to clinical practice.

Clinical Team Insights

A web-based Community group and analytic solution designed to help health care organizations assess organizational culture, structure and processes for the entire provider team.