Sustainable improvement begins with data transparency and clinical benchmarking

The health care industry is in the midst of a major shift from volume to value, and data transparency and clinical benchmarking are critical to this transformation.

Clarity into how quality and costs are measured — as well as how your performance compares with other systems and facilities — is essential to your organization’s ability to reduce clinical variation and improve patient outcomes.

Sustainable improvement through clinical data analytics and clinical benchmarking
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Webinar: Improve medical practice health

Wednesday, August 19, 2020 | 1:30pm – 2:30pm CST

Join us for a webinar to learn how quality measures can improve medical practice health, as well as best practices to identify resources for standardized clinical measurement and overcome analytic challenges. Hear insights from Northwestern Medical Group on the quality initiatives that informed their rooming prioritization and care delivery, as well as how they structured and supported primary care practices.

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Transparent data for reliable insight 

The Vizient® Clinical Data Base (CDB) is the definitive health care analytics platform for performance improvement. CDB provides high-quality, accurate and transparent data on patient outcomes — such as mortality, length of stay, complication and readmission rates, and hospital-acquired conditions — that enable hospitals to benchmark against peers; identify, accelerate and sustain improvements; reduce variation; and expedite data collection to fulfill agency reporting requirements. Clinical benchmarking tools such as dashboards, simulation calculators, and templated and customizable reports enable you to quickly identify improvement opportunities and their potential impact.

Vizient offers members additional tools to improve their efficiency, including Resource Manager and Core Measures:

Resource Manager

Resource Manager enhances patient- and physician-level data in the CDB by providing comparative utilization information for select clinical categories such as pharmacy, imaging, laboratory, blood and cardiovascular-vascular services. This information highlights clinical practice variation patterns and helps determine which resources are being used effectively.

Core Measures

Core Measures helps fulfill data reporting requirements for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, The Joint Commission and state agencies, and compares your organization's performance with clinical benchmarks.

To provide greater functionality and better enable member needs related to value-based care, Vizient is collaborating with Medisolv, Inc., a recognized leader in quality management and reporting, on an enhanced solution for Core Measures abstraction and regulatory reporting. Vizient will continue to offer Core Measures as part of our CDB offering and Medisolv will manage the actual data service and submission process.

Vizient members have exclusive access to additional CDB and clinical benchmarking resources.

Connect with us to learn more about the Clinical Data Base.