Transparent data for reliable insight

The Vizient Clinical Data Base (CDB) is the definitive analytic platform for performance improvement, and has been the foundation of performance improvement for leading institutions for 30 years. It is an invaluable tool that allows members to transparently benchmark against peers to identify, accelerate and sustain improvements, reduce variation and expedite data collection to fulfill agency reporting requirements.


CDB is trusted by 97% of academic medical centers in the United States.

CDB is trusted by 97 percent of academic medical centers, more than 50 health care systems, and 160 community hospitals nationwide. In helping these leading institutions identify improvement opportunities, it offers:

  • Full transparency
    Members have the ability to analyze hospitals by name, allowing them to benchmark against the organizations of their choice. At the same time, members can clearly see the risk and severity-adjusted methodologies that drive the benchmarking data, bolstering confidence in our collected information.
  • Hundreds of comparative metrics
    CDB offers a wide variety of patient outcomes data, including mortality, length of stay, complication rates, readmission rates, hospital-acquired conditions, resource utilization and more.
  • Unparalleled customization
    Members can perform benchmarking analysis at the patient and physician level, allowing them to meet Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE) and Focused Professional Practice Evaluation (FPPE) requirements.
  • Intuitive tools
    Use dashboards, simulation calculators, and both template and customizable reports to quickly identify improvement opportunities and their potential impact. CDB has various subtools that help members improve efficiency:

Resource Manager

The Resource Manager (RM) enhances the patient and physician level data in the CDB by providing comparative utilization information for select clinical categories such as pharmacy, imaging, laboratory, blood, and cardiovascular-vascular services. This information results in an understanding of clinical practice variation patterns and determining which resources are optimally utilized.

Core Measures

Core Measures helps members quickly fulfill data reporting requirements for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, The Joint Commission and state agencies and compare performance with benchmarks.

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Transparent data for reliable insight

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