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Leadership for advanced practice providers

Vizient Center for Advancing Practice Provider (CAP2) members have made significant improvements in 2019 as it relates to the emerging roles of Advanced Practice Providers (APPs), expansion of leadership for APPs, and the value APPs bring to the care team. In this session of the CAP2 Series, our experts highlight a few of our member’s successes as they inspire others to continue on the journey.

The Vizient® Center for Advancing Provider Practices (CAP2™) is a comprehensive web-based analytic solution for organizations to assess the culture, structure and processes that support the entire provider team.

Building effective provider teams to meet today’s value-based health care demands is more vital than ever. Advanced practice providers, including advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) and physician assistants (PAs), have become an integral part of ensuring effective and efficient care, especially as baby boomers age and the physician shortage becomes more prevalent.

Health care organizations need to create infrastructure to support the entire provider team and maximize their effectiveness to ensure that all providers are empowered to work at the top of their licenses.

CAP2™ is the first of its kind — an interactive, web-based solution focused on APPs. The CAP2 tool has helped organizations understand where and how APPs are utilized as well as practice variations that exist within their organization.CAP2 provides our members with the knowledge and tools they need to most effectively employ advanced practice providers to promote better clinical outcomes, reduce variation in practice and lower costs.

CAP2 offers real-time access to organizational assessments and benchmarking reports for acute and ambulatory settings. The CAP2 data represents:

  • More than 400 health care organizations and their associated entities across 37 states
  • More than 1,300 ambulatory care clinics
  • Over 35,000 APPs and PAs in 50 clinical specialties

Members also have access to web-based tools and resources, a virtual educational series, the annual CAP2 National Summit, and access to networking offerings such as the AskCAP2 list server, member-driven workgroups and a thought leaders council.

  • Assess utilization of APRNs and PAs
  • Build infrastructure to support high-performing provider teams
  • Optimize all providers by ensuring they are working at the top of their licenses
  • Identify and disseminate leading practices for provider teams

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