Build strategic plans for to drive success in value-based care

In today’s health care environment, the rules are shifting and resources are limited. Health care organizations require a strategic, executable roadmap to meet performance, financial and quality objectives. Strategy and Physician Alignment planning with Vizient equips you to more accurately forecast demand for care services, offer the right service lines at the right point of care for your market and implement the right payment model for your organization.

Strategy and physician alignment

Vizient delivers a robust suite of quality- and growth-oriented planning solutions. Our members understand the need for care that is truly patient-centered. We support that vision with proven leadership, clinical expertise, and unique analytic and performance tools. Our strategy and physician alignment advisory solutions include:

Forecasting and trends

It is imperative for providers to understand the national, regional and local market dynamics to build financially viable business operations and care delivery systems. Our intelligence and analytics provide the strategic insight and guidance to identify and build the right strategies for transition to risk-based models.

Primary care strategy

Compensation is declining and there are fewer primary care residents completing medical school. Vizient offers primary care planning that addresses market demand, recruitment, business models and financial analysis.

Finance and profitability

We also provide financial services to hospitals, medical groups and other organizations. Vizient offers expert advice on profit and loss, portfolio management, and financial positioning and performance.

Plan for success

  1. Know your market
    More accurately forecast demand for inpatient and outpatient care services
  2. Streamline your organization
    Offer the right service lines at the right point of care for your market
  3. Implement the right payment model
    Identify and build the right payment and physician engagement model
  4. Improve performance
    Better predict and manage costs, improve quality outcomes, revenues and other financial variables
  5. Sustain success
    Cross-pollinate leading practices across care sites, care networks and partner ecosystems

Learn how one member transformed their governance structure

Implementing a service line strategy that positions your organization as a market leader in delivering the best outcomes at the most efficient cost is critical. Learn how to align operations, data and insights in our webcast Aligned Decision-Making to Accelerate Organizatonal Results.



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