Shifting focus: from volume to value

Our industry is undergoing a fundamental shift where solutions focused on strategy and physician alignment are essential. We provide members with the data, expertise and best practices to build effective strategic plans, accurately forecast demand for inpatient and outpatient services, better predict and manage costs to improve outcomes and revenue, and cross-pollinate leading practices across care sites and networks.

While every hospital will evolve at a different pace, all need to know their tolerance to assume increased risk and develop and execute a strategy—aligned with its mission and values—for how they will take on risk. A core element of this is initiating, understanding and mastering a unique payer and care network strategy.

Members require a strategic, executable roadmap to meet performance, financial and quality objectives. With our proven leadership, data-driven insights, clinical expertise and analytic and performance tools, we help them determine the right strategy on their journey toward value-based care.

Our Advisory Solutions for strategy and physician alignment include forecasting and trend data, strategic planning guidance, value-based care strategies, business valuation and fair market value, life science consulting and physician practice management strategies and implementation.

Advisory solutions for strategy and physician alignment

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