Introducing Vizient Savings Actualyzer

Connect to a new view — A new view that allows you to prioritize, track, and measure your supply chain cost-reduction initiatives in one, easy-to-use dashboard. This one-of-a-kind solution enables decision-making that will unleash the next level of performance for your organization.

A new view to prioritize the work you need to accomplish.
A new view to track the progress you’re making.
A new view to measure your success when you reach your destination.

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Genesis HealthCare sees big savings ahead using advanced online analytics solution

Like health systems everywhere, Genesis HealthCare needs to get the most savings possible from purchasing. But dated technology made keeping up with fast-moving market pricing and internal spending trends difficult. So when Genesis was asked to help test and improve an innovative supply chain analytics solution, they didn’t hesitate. Harnessing advanced online technology, Vizient Savings Actualyzer™ automatically pulls together diverse pricing, contract and spend data streams. Upon opening, it automatically displays savings opportunities by dollar value — along with a rough estimate of the difficulty required to achieve those opportunities. Savings Actualyzer’s data visibility enabled Genesis to track performance of individual savings initiatives, plus it showed where its processes were strong and where they could be adjusted.

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Our primary research revealed that when working supply cost-reduction initiatives, 54 percent of your effort is spent investigating and prioritizing which opportunities to pursue — while only 16 percent is spent validating results. Leveraging new technology can bring extraordinary visibility to your initiatives while paving the way for your team to make reliable, data-based decisions for supply cost reduction.