The COVID-19 pandemic is changing everything — at least for the time being. Our annual Vizient® member awards are no exception. In 2020, we will be assessing member performance a little differently, to allow for the varying effects of the disease outbreak on our members across the country. Our goal is to enable you to see progress made on initiatives before the pandemic and to understand the impact of the outbreak on the non-COVID-19 population.

Quality and Accountability rankings and Supply Chain Operational Excellence Award

This year we will evaluate data for two separate periods: July 2019 through February 2020 and March through June 2020.

  • Overall and domain performance rankings for both clinical and supply chain awards will be based on eight months of Vizient data from the pre-COVID-19 period. For the Quality and Accountability ranking, the six months of data available for that period from the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) and the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Services (HCAHPS) will also be included.
  • Data for the second period, covering the COVID-19 outbreak, will be evaluated for informational purposes only, and rankings for this period will be by domain; there will be no overall ranking.

Assessment summary

Pre-COVID-19 period:
July 2019-February 2020
Outbreak period:
March-June 2020
Eight months’ Vizient data Four months’ Vizient data; COVID-19 patients excluded
For Q&A ranking only: Six months’ NHSN and HCAHPS data No NHSN or HCAHPS data
Overall and domain rankings Domain rankings only, for comparison

This approach of evaluating the pre-COVID-19 period data separately from the outbreak period data will be the basis for all of the 2020 Vizient Clinical Performance and Supply Chain Excellence awards.

How does this affect your organization?

  • Data submission deadlines will follow the established 2020 schedule; all data are due by July 24.
  • The usual quarterly scorecards have been suspended; we will instead release full-year reports in September.
  • The annual Q&A dashboard update will be released in the fall, but will only incorporate the pre-COVID-19 period data. The “what-if” calculator will remain available.
  • Because of the irregularity of this year’s rankings, we recommend that they be considered primarily informational, to guide you in identifying areas of opportunity for improvement and setting baselines for new performance goals.
  • For this reason also, the rankings will be communicated only to individual members this year; they will not be announced or publicized. We ask that members refrain from external promotion of their rankings as well.

We have also made the difficult decision not to hold an awards ceremony, either live or virtual, in the fall. We expect to return to our regular program for member awards in 2021.


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Supplier Diversity and Environmentally Preferred Sourcing Excellence Awards

Due to the pandemic we will not be presenting the Environmentally Preferred Sourcing Excellence or Supplier Diversity Excellence awards in 2020. Instead, we will explore opportunities to share information on performance and best practices in these areas. If you have questions about the Environmentally Preferred Sourcing Excellence Award, contact Cristina Indiveri, senior director, strategic programs, at or (972) 581-5802. For questions about the Supplier Diversity Award, contact Shaleta Dunn, senior director, supplier diversity, at or (972) 581-5339.

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