Set your sights higher with Vizient Savings Actualyzer

Set your sights higher with Vizient Savings Actualyzer™.

Opportunities expansive as the night sky. Discoveries finally within your reach. Possibilities magnified. All in one place. All part of Vizient Savings Actualyzer, the platform that brings the best supply chain solutions straight from our world to yours.

  • Integrated opportunities light years ahead of the competition
  • Galaxies of insights and information within the framework of each module
  • An analytics database as vast as the night sky

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Genesis HealthCare sees big savings ahead using Vizient Savings Actualyzer

Like health systems everywhere, Genesis HealthCare needs to get the most savings possible from purchasing. But dated technology made keeping up with fast-moving market pricing and internal spending trends difficult. So when Genesis was asked to help test and improve an innovative supply chain analytics solution, they didn’t hesitate. See how Vizient Savings Actualyzer™ enabled Genesis to see all their opportunities – whether contract or market price – in one application.

Introducing Vizient Savings Actualyzer purchased services module 

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Health care organizations know that significant potential savings hide in the largely uncharted waters of their purchased services spend. However, the decentralized and unmonitored nature of purchased services makes this a challenging area to tackle. Diagnose where your organization might be today when it comes to identifying and acting on purchased services savings opportunities.

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