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Our COVID-19 member resources provide the latest clinical, surgical and pharmacy supply updates, including information from the Vizient Disaster Response team, suppliers, regulatory agencies and industry organizations.

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Insights and resources for COVID-19 vaccine development

As COVID-19 vaccine candidates continue to be developed, Vizient® pharmacy and sourcing experts have the latest supplier, distribution and clinical information. The resources are based on industry knowledge, supplier relationships and government communication.

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COVID-19 webinars and podcasts

During the COVID-19 outbreak, we host webinars and podcasts featuring our members and experts from Vizient and the industry.

Watch our latest webinar – Holding the Line on the Latest COVID-19 Surge: Operations and Staff Protection

Surge Demand Calculator

Access actionable intelligence on the anticipated demand of critical services to better manage supplies and resource consumption with our free customizable COVID-19 Surge Demand Calculator.

Recent enhancements reflect new intelligence about the virus. Project inpatient bed, intensive care unit and ventilator demand.

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Navigate technology used during the COVID-19 pandemic

TechFlash Reports provide a concise summary of the available clinical evidence, with additional discussion on the technology significance, current practice and alternatives, patient selection criteria, financial issues and recommendations.

Developed by our performance management subject matter experts, reports related to technology essential to treating COVID-19 patients are made available to the public. Additional reports are available exclusively to participants of Vizient Member Networks.

COVID-19 resources

At the forefront of pediatric innovation

The Vizient Pediatric Tech Watch delivers information on novel pediatric technologies, devices and pharmaceuticals. This issue covers a variety of topics, such as:

  • Lung protective technologies for the O.R.
  • Virtual reality for pediatric cardiology
  • Effects of COVID-19 on children and pregnant women
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Emerging practices

Vizient is committed to ongoing research of Vizient members’ emerging practices and other related updates to federal and regulatory guidelines in support of efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. As new information surfaces, updates will be provided.

The CDC has recommended strategies for hospitals to optimize their supply of N95 masks stratified by the severity of their shortage. Read more about it in the Emerging Practice Summary: Reprocessing of N95 masks during severe shortages. 

The COVID-19 Pandemic Compendium includes a collection of emerging practices and guide for resiliency.

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Learn about the Novaplus Enhanced Supply Program to improve supply resiliency.