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Improve communication across teams using a virtual management platform

A home health team needed to adapt their daily management tool after finding the analog communication board cluttered with conflicting information. The health system’s home health division partnered with Vizient Safe and Reliable Healthcare to adopt the Learning and Engagement System (LENS™) a visual management system.

See how LENS brings high reliability and culture into focus

You can find dramatically different outcomes across hospitals depending on whether teams are organized and hardwired through consistent organizational processes focused on patient care. You never want to assume safety; you want to assure it.
Michael Leonard, MD
Executive Principal, Vizient

Increased engagement and communication

By using the LENS platform, the home health team was able to participate in previously unsustainable daily huddles and collaborate around safety issues.

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    Opened communication lines

    Improved communication and consistency of updates between onsite and offsite teams

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    Increased stakeholder participation

    275% increase in daily huddle participation

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    Fostered improvement discussion

    Provided a safe space to discuss ideas and improvement opportunities

Evolving an approach to achieve high reliability using an advanced framework

High reliability offers a holistic way to transform healthcare organizations so they are prepared to tackle many of the issues providers are facing today. Vizient partners with providers to build the necessary cultural and improvement infrastructure for high reliability programs to flourish. At the core of all of it is the Framework for High Reliability Healthcare — a comprehensive blueprint for organizations committed to a high reliability journey.

Read the blog to see the framework

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