Legislative and regulatory priorities

With a strategic, balanced and forward-thinking approach, the public policy team regularly delves into upcoming legislation, undertakes research on policies that relate to the health care agenda, and coordinates appropriate responses.



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With direct letters, regulatory comments and other activities, Vizient strives to form constuctive relationships with lawmakers, regulatory agencies and administration officials, to provide a unified voice on issues.

Key summaries

As governmental decision-making processes follow their inevitable twists and turns, the public policy and government relations team prepares summaries of key legislation and important regulations that relate to or impact health care.

Tax exemption and community benefit

Congress, the White House and federal regulatory agencies regularly examine the merits of tax exemption for not-for-profit hospitals, and look to ensure that exemption is justified by activities that provide meaningful benefits to their communities.

If you have questions about specific legislative or regulatory developments, please contact the public policy team at (202) 254-2600.