The move to value-based care requires invention and adoption of new technology. With the Vizient Innovative Technology program, we work with members to identify breakthrough solutions that can improve patient care or reduce the risk of harm to patients or providers, while simultaneously raising the standard of patient care and safety.

Vizient has developed several pathways for product or service innovators to submit technologies for consideration. 

Innovative technology online forum

Our online Innovative Technology Forum* provides a place for suppliers and members to engage and exchange information on the latest technologies that can help members find new and innovative solutions to challenges they are facing while delivering value-based care. The program also accepts submissions for products not intended for direct patient care, but will contribute to an overall improvement in a member organization’s business model.

This service is available to any supplier of innovation. Submit your technologies using the online submission form to be listed on the Innovative Technology Forum.

*Products and services are listed for 6 months.

Innovative technology review process

We use a structured and rigorous methodology to identify impactful product and service innovations that are not yet offered through a Vizient contract. The Innovative Technology review involves a formal and thorough analysis by a member-lead council of experts. Contract opportunities are offered where appropriate.

To request a formal Innovative Technology review for your technologies, complete the online submission form. Following the submission, you will receive additional instructions on how to apply for contract consideration.

Innovative Technology Exchange

Vizient’s annual Innovative Technology Exchange brings selected supplier and healthcare innovators together and offers an exclusive opportunity for deep conversations and powerful connections. This event is focused on the latest innovative products and services addressing crucial needs and lifesaving technologies. Following the exchange, suppliers with a solution already available through a Vizient contract may earn Innovative Technology designation for products and services they exhibit.

Innovative Technology Seal

Innovative Technology Seal serves as a visual representation that can be used by supplier to market their innovative solutions. This coveted mark is for products currently available through Vizient contract or have been awarded an Innovative Technology designation.

To request an Innovative Technology Seal, contact the Vizient Innovative Technology team.

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