A highly committed purchasing program

The Achieve Committed Program offers members maximum value for the highest aggregate commitments in select medical-surgical categories. This highly committed purchasing program offers accelerated savings of
6 to 12 percent on total acquisition cost.

Always on, always optimized

Achieve is the “always on” value acceleration program that ensures your contracts are more actively managed. This highly committed purchasing program extends your team’s capabilities, combining powerful contract leadership from Vizient with a proactive approach to portfolio management.

Transform your business with an always-on view into savings opportunities, market price monitoring, and compliance through real-time analytics. We’re working behind the scenes, everyday — because when you’re always on, you’re always optimized.

Benefits of the Achieve Committed Program


Real-time analytics give you an always-on view into compliance measurement and monitoring

Clinical evaluation

The Achieve contract portfolio is full of products that have been tested by a leading health care institution

Operational efficiency

Our team of experts gives you “always on” support, with people and technology that offer active management of market and value updates

For more information about the Achieve Committed Program, email Achieve@vizientinc.com.

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