Expanding the range of committed offerings for Vizient members

Vizient’s new Achieve Committed Program offers members maximum value for the highest aggregate spend commitments in select commodity and clinical preference categories. This new offering is an expansion of the range of committed offerings for Vizient members.

There are so many ways for health care organizations to uncover savings today. And yet, true value can feel like a moving target. That’s because accessing value is an ongoing, daily endeavor — one that many organizations simply don’t have the bandwidth to manage.

Always on, always optimized

Achieve is the “always on” value acceleration program that ensures your contracts are more actively managed. This committed program extends your team’s capabilities, combining Vizient’s powerful contract leadership with a proactive approach to portfolio management. We’re working behind the scenes, everyday — because when you’re always on, you’re always optimized.

Benefits of Achieve Committed Program

  • Analytics – compliance measurement and monitoring
  • Clinical evaluation – products driven by leading health care institution
  • Conversion support – “always on” with people and technology offers active management of market and value updates

For more information about Vizient’s new Committed Program, email Achieve@vizientinc.com.

Is the new Achieve Committed Program right for you?

Members interested in learning more about the new Achieve Committed Program can attend an upcoming webinar. To register, log in to the secured member dashboard.

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