The Vizient™ University Health System Consortium is the largest and most comprehensive network of academic medical centers (AMCs) in the U.S. The Vizient Consortium exists to advance the success and ongoing transformation of member organizations through discovery, knowledge sharing, learning, collaboration and innovation with trusted peers and other industry leaders. A board of managers provides advice and guidance regarding the needs of AMCs to Vizient and its board of directors and management team.
Vizient Consortium benefits include:
  • Participation in more than 20 highly valued peer networks, listservers, and events, as well as national Vizient conferences
  • Participation in AMC networks initiatives, including Funds Flow
  • Participation by the member’s CEO on the AMC CEO Executive Board, which meets twice a year for AMC CEO-exclusive networking and events
  • Access to strategic and economic research through the Vizient Research Institute™
  • Access to Sg2 high-level market trends and insights
  • Use of Vizient accreditation resources
  • Member-only access to web portal and online tools, which provide a clearinghouse of information and value-added resources
For more information about Vizient University Health System Consortium, contact Barbara Anason, senior vice president, AMC networks and strategy, at or (312) 775-4107.

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