Connecting health care leaders across the nation

We help members proactively tackle health care’s toughest challenges better and faster through collaboration—to learn, improve and build for the future.

Creating a brighter future

Working together, you can achieve greater results than by working alone. Our networks give members collaborative power that drives their performance, fosters innovation and improves care in faster, better ways. We connect you to networks, research, data and insights that elevate your ability to solve problems, share knowledge and scale results.

Creating a brighter future

Learn together

Learn networks

Our learn networks enable you collaborate with trusted colleagues. You can build relationships and learn from peers and experts regionally or nationally through role-based networks ranging from executive network boards for CEOs to peer-to-peer networks. You can drive knowledge sharing around common challenges through topic-specific networks, such as improving patient experience or solving population health.

Benefits of networks that foster learning

  • Connect with key learnings from members across the nation
  • Explore topics and issues of shared strategic interest through roundtables, events and programs
  • Access ideas, content and approaches driven by strategic research, data, insights and advisors
  • Engage in problem-solving and develop action plans together
  • Provide continuing education for your employees


More than 10 national groups for senior leaders, numerous performance improvement peer-to-peer networks and a Hospital Engagement network provide opportunities to solve common challenges with fellow members.

Learn network examples

Peer-to-peer networks

We provide opportunities to address the shared challenges of peer groups, from C-level executives and supply chain experts, to nurses and physicians. Peer-to-peer networks also connect members in common geographies through face-to-face interaction to address local challenges and situations.

Academic medical center network

We offer educational programs and networking opportunities with executives from the nation’s top academic medical centers.

Vizient offices

  • Dallas / Corporate headquarters
  • Atlanta
  • Baton Rouge
  • Boston
  • Charlotte
  • Chicago
  • Indianapolis
  • Kansas City
  • Los Angeles
  • Minneapolis
  • Oklahoma City
  • Philadelphia
  • Seattle
  • San Francisco
  • Washington, DC

Improve together

Improve networks

Our improve networks connect you with other members, analytics and advisory services to solve a specific, common challenge over a defined time. These networks drive outcomes-oriented collaboration to fuel performance improvement and quality results based on best practices.

Benefits of networks that facilitate improvement

  • Share and learn best practices with members regionally and nationally across critical areas such as supply chain, clinical and operational performance
  • Elevate performance in quality, safety, cost-effectiveness and patient care
  • Benchmark your organization to determine areas for improvement

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Improve network examples

Performance Improvement Collaboratives

Engage with fellow leaders to prioritize and drive performance improvement and measure progress—driven by data and insights.

Our members join forces to improve patient care, hospital outcomes and cost savings. Our collaboratives include:

  • Adverse Drug Events Improvement Collaborative
  • Disinfection of Needleless Intravenous Access Ports Collaborative
  • Frequently Admitted Patient Improvement Collaborative
  • Obstetrical Adverse Events Improvement Collaborative
  • Sepsis Management Improvement Collaborative
  • Specialty Pharmacy Collaborative: Medication Utilization
  • Utilizing SpendLINK® Improvement Collaborative
  • Partnership for Patients Hospital Engagement Network 

Imperatives for Quality Program

Expert-led research and insights help you realize top-tier performance in quality, safety and cost-effectiveness. Gain access to resources that help improve the accuracy of clinical documentation and code; obtain reliable performance data and appropriate reimbursement; and secure regulatory compliance. The Imperatives for Quality (IQ) Program addresses six essential imperatives:

  • Coordinating Care/Patient Flow
  • Improving the Patient Experience
  • Improving Patient Survival
  • Managing Cost and Utilization
  • Preventing Patient Harm
  • Reducing Variation in Care

Build together

Build networks

Our build networks enable members to drive value together through shared ownership models that move health care forward. Together, you can learn and apply proven methods to form, manage and sustain supply networks to maximize benefits and avoid common pitfalls.

Benefits to members that build scale and efficiency

  • Tap into the collective power to move the industry forward through a unique network concept
  • Increase savings and improve operational efficiencies beyond what you could achieve alone
  • Develop opportunities and meet challenges that span the entire business


In 2015, the combined savings of more than $284million on $7.2 billion in member aggregation group spend.

Member Business Ventures

Member Business Ventures expands beyond traditional group purchase organization (GPO) services and connect with like-minded members to achieve your strategic goals, from cutting costs to improving patient care. Member Business Ventures includes member aggregation groups and other high-value business ventures that help you address some of today’s biggest health care challenges.

Vizient Pharmacy Networks

Through our pharmacy networks, we provide members with unique opportunities to access pharmacy expertise, purchasing data, analytics, networking and clinical support. Our dedicated pharmacy consultants collaborate with members to help drive greater savings and improve quality of care.  

Networks and member groups


Specialty networks meet regularly to share ideas on efficiency improvement, arrange preferred purchasing agreements for products and services and develop innovative strategies to handle market changes. 

Benefits of networks

  • Exchange information and knowledge
  • Develop and apply ideas to improve quality and efficiency in their organizations
  • Focus on contracts
  • Plan for dynamic market changes 

Networks and member groups

Examples of networks

Senior Leadership network

  • Chief Financial Officers Network
  • Chief Human Resources Officers Network
  • Chief Information Officers Network
  • Chief Marketing Officers Network
  • Chief Nursing Officers Network
  • Chief Quality Officers Network
  • Legal and Compliance Network
  • Medical Leadership Network
  • Member Board of Directors
  • Payer Relations & Business Development Network
  • Senior Operations Officers Network

Other network and member groups

  • Ambulatory Care and Physician Practice Network
  • Cardiovascular Network
  • Global Executive Services Network
  • Imaging Network
  • Laboratory Network
  • Perioperative Services Network
  • Pharmacy Network
  • Respiratory Care Network
  • Risk Network
  • Supply Chain Network

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