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Drug Shortages

Commitment to supply resiliency

As part of the ongoing strategy to end supply interruptions, the Vizient® team of pharmacy experts have identified over 251 essential medications that if not available, could represent the greatest threat to providing immediate and high-quality patient care. As of this edition, 14 drugs were added to the list creating a total of 251 line items, representing 237 unique drugs.

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  • Acute treatment drugs with no alternatives (77 drugs)
  • Chronic treatment drugs with no alternatives (37 drugs)
  • High impact drugs (137 drugs)

Many of these medications are available through the Novaplus® private label program. Access our fact sheet to learn more.

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Quantifying drivers of supply chain resilience in pediatric oncology medications

Angels for Change, United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and Vizient collaborated to characterize and quantify supply chain risk for drugs to improve pediatric oncology access to quality medicines.

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The hidden costs of drug shortages

Between March 6 and April 4, 2019, the Vizient Drug Shortages Task Force conducted its inaugural member survey to uncover the unseen impacts of drug shortages.

The responses — collected from member organizations across the continuum of care — confirmed that drug shortages are a global issue, affecting all types of care facilities and taking a significant toll on pharmacy resources, budgets, staffing and patient care delivery.

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225 medications
essential to patient care

$359M per year
Cost of labor needed to manage drug shortages per year

8.6M hours annually
Additional hours of labor per year

Understanding and mitigating pediatric drug shortages

Vizient pharmacy experts, in collaboration with the Children’s Hospital Association (CHA), have created a report examining the impact of drug shortages on self-governed pediatric hospitals, and the strategies employed to manage and mitigate these shortages.


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