Proactive, process-driven contract catalog management

Vizient Catalog Services offers comprehensive maintenance for members to take their contract management to the next level. This service offers a single point of truth for contract management, and is designed to drive catalog accuracy in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

The contract administration process is complicated

Contract management is a complex, resource intensive and error prone process.  We understand the incredible amount of communication required between the GPO, manufacturers and distributors to ensure the contract data that is loaded into your ERP/MMIS is accurate and up-to-date.

Adding to the complexity of the challenge is the variety of contracts that health systems must maintain including local, custom, aggregation and GPO contracts to meet sourcing needs and catalog management in procurement.

The case for managing the source of truth

At any given time a health system may be actively maintaining 300-500 contracts with different expiration dates, variations in tier requirements, product adds/deletes and price changes requiring regular analysis to evaluate the impact of these changes.

With the added pressure of eroding margins that limit staff, the need for tighter contract and price management to deliver anticipated savings, allocating valuable resources to the contract management process may seem like the only choice.

The good news

Vizient Catalog Services offer three methods for managing your catalog content to achieve good, better or best-case results based on your organization’s needs.

Loading all of your contracts into the Vizient catalog makes catalog management more efficient and allows you to have a single point of truth for all of your contracts. This cuts down on the offline analysis that results from hosting contract content in various locations.

In addition, hosting all of your contract related content in the Vizient catalog makes your other Vizient solutions more efficient. 

One-time setup

Members can elect a one-time setup to load local contract terms, products, pricing, and set distribution mark-ups.

Full-service support

Our full-service offering provides on-going support which gives members all the benefits of the one-time set-up AND includes additional benefits like updating local contracts, updating distribution mark-ups, proactive management of aging tier requests and facilitation of communications between suppliers and distributors to improve price alignment.

Why this solution works:

12+ years of experience

We offer more than 12 years of experience managing the online catalog for 130 leading health systems.

Dedicated catalog resources 

Our team of specialists understand how to get results, ensuring that your contract data is up-to-date and complete.

Proven process 

Vizient Catalog Services works based on process-driven methods for managing your single point of truth for contract management.

A single point of truth for contract management

Ensuring your contract data is up-to-date and complete makes maintaining your item file easier, reduces price discrepancies and reduces false positives related to opportunity identification.

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