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An insights-driven approach to operational improvement

Our suite of Advisory Solutions delivers operational performance by driving sustainable reductions in the largest areas of spend while supporting better patient outcomes. Leveraging our data and expertise, members identify new paths for cost savings and process improvements. We can help by optimizing purchased services, maximizing labor and improving the quality of patient care.

View your operations from a whole new level

Experts agree that there may be up to $1.1 trillion in waste and inefficiency across the U.S. health care system.

Through our industry-leading database, analytics and expertise, we are uniquely able to help members identify cost reduction and efficiency opportunities, and apply best practices for improved outcomes.

Our Advisory Solutions for Operational Performance can provide:

  • Lean transformation to help eliminate waste and deliver sustainable results
  • Purchased services expertise to drive savings across more than 350 categories
  • Optimized care models by redesigning processes and matching staff to workload based on a balanced workload
  • Supply chain optimization by reducing costs and maximizing contract prices and materials management

Advisory Solutions for Operational Performance

We help health care providers maximize your workforce to improve care, outcomes and financial performance.

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We combine an insight-driven approach with subject-matter expertise, best practices and market intelligence to help members make smarter procurement decisions.

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Our solutions for a better supply chain help members achieve operational efficiency, financial results and value analysis.

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Our consultants help members learn and implement Lean methodologies to eliminate waste, operate more efficiently and increase time with patients.

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From health care construction, renovation and consulting to hospital facility management and medical equipment planning, our solutions deliver exceptional value through contracting, expert guidance and strategic partnerships.

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Want to know more about category-specific resources and savings opportunities? We can help.