Sustaining bottom-line results starts with engaging your staff and changing your culture

Vizient® meets your team where you’re at in your improvement journey. We work with your leadership team to develop a more effective management style, relieve overburdened employees, create a plan and a structure for learning and development and approach problem-solving in new ways. Our change management approach uses proven models and tools to engage your staff and change the culture of your organization.

Our management systems approach is not just another project: It’s a way to transform your entire organization into a high-quality, high-performing, sustaining health care delivery system. To do this, we help you employ tools like A3 problem-solving, visual management systems, standard work and single-point accountability. Our staff coaching and development extends to every level so that the whole organization is equipped and strategically aligned in its activities.

Whether you need to start with an assessment or require an ongoing adviser to implement a new management system, we offer you a customized plan that meets your needs.

Continuous improvement assessment

If you’re new to continuous performance improvement or the gains from previous projects are not sticking, we can help. Through our continuous improvement assessment, we analyze the factors that promote or inhibit organizational learning, staff empowerment, organizational change and an environment of continuous improvement using a structured, multi-dimensional methodology based upon observable evidence. Through this, we determine your capacity and readiness for change by providing objective scoring and identifying strengths, opportunities for improvement and gaps. The results will help you build a plan that addresses cultural barriers to implementation and aligns systems to sustain continuous process improvement results across all departments. 

Lean consulting and transformation

Whether your organization has been doing kaizenevents for years or has an existing continuous improvement program, our team of experts can help your organization improve its processes on a systemic level that results in more satisfied patients, more engaged staff and physicians and an improved bottom line. We can help you establish a sustainable Lean management system in key areas of your business, giving your staff a sense of ownership and connecting all of your activities to your strategic plan.

Our approach includes establishing standard work for staff and leaders, enabling managers to deploy and lead A3 problem-solving within their areas, developing both organizationwide and area-specific visual management tools, and the use of Gemba walks to establish a routine for review. This is accomplished through “learn-by-doing” training for staff at every level in the organization. Immediate results include establishing the continuous improvement system and often improvements in areas such as the emergency department, operating room, length of stay and throughput, revenue cycle, and quality, safety and reliability.

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