Pharmacy technician training and pharmacist continuing education

Recruit, retain, educate and optimize your pharmacy workforce

Pharmacy plays a strategic role in the growth of a healthcare system, so it is important that the pharmacy workforce runs efficiently and meets financial goals while creating better care for the health system as a whole. Identifying, training and retaining a workforce is essential to achieve these goals.

Transform your pharmacy workforce by partnering with an experienced, knowledgeable source of actionable insights for end-to-end solutions. Vizient Pharmacy Workforce Solutions enable health system pharmacies to attract, retain, educate and optimize staff and build the foundation for a solid workforce.

How can you recruit and retain pharmacy employees? Learn about Vizient Pharmacy Workforce Solutions.

The new R&R: pharmacy technician recruitment & retention. Listen to the latest VerifiedRX podcast.


Managing a pharmacy technician labor shortage

Why are we experiencing a technician labor shortage? How are other organizations tackling this ongoing challenge? We answer these questions and more in our latest article.

Our pharmacy technician training and pharmacist continuing education solutions help you
capture real-time, actionable workforce data to optimize workforce utilization and expense
create a career path for advancement, employee retention and skills development
recruit and train a talented workforce to help foster the next generation for the future of your pharmacy

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