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Molecular imaging serves a vital purpose in patient care, and both current and potential utilization are growing. With this growth comes an increasing reliance on radiopharmaceuticals. However, the global supply chain for these radioactive isotopes has been experiencing challenges. Some of the factors affecting current supply chain costs include:

  • Domestic need for sustainable supply of Technetium
  • Egregious price increases from from proprietary kit manufacturers
  • Required compliance with United States Pharmacopeia (USP) chapter <797> and <825>
  • Inadequate Reimbursement 

A new report — Can the SPECT Nuclear Imaging Modality Be Sustained — examines the impact on the cost of radiopharmaceutical procurement, possible new regulatory changes, and the reimbursement issues health care organizations face in the nuclear medicine supply market.

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Addressing the challenges in radiopharmaceuticals

Health care organizations must understand the risk factors and cost implications associated with radiopharmaceuticals. At Vizient, the insights of our subject matter experts help you understand the impending financial challenges health systems face and provide guidance for developing a long-term, sustainable strategy.

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