Are you ready to meet today's pharmacy challenges?

Rising drug costs are making it increasingly difficult for health systems to provide high-quality patient care. According to the most recent Vizient Drug Price Forecast report, drug prices will increase by an estimated 7.61 percent in 2018. Hospitals must find opportunities to improve their pharmacy operations by connecting cost-saving solutions, comparative industry data and clinical knowledge to optimize every facet of their operations. With this knowledge, positive changes are possible:

  • Comprehensive analytics and cost-saving solutions can help hospitals to stabilize pharmacy spend and increase margins
  • New drug innovations, prescription patterns and changing regulations will require collaboration between pharmacists and physicians to improve clinical pharmacy performance
  • Acute, nonacute and specialty pharmacy platforms will allow pharmacies to make a paradigm shift from being a cost center to becoming a strategic center to drive incremental revenue

Maximizing your pharmacy performance allows you to realize opportunities in every dimension — driving your organization toward more efficient performance.

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Pharmacy leaders are tasked with identifying cost savings initiatives, reducing clinical variation, identifying revenue opportunities and collaborating with physicians and clinicians on appropriate medication management. Complete the form below to download the white paper “Maximizing pharmacy performance: Unleashing the power of optimal medication management to transform healthcare” and learn how different strategies that can be used to improve operations and elevate the role of pharmacy to a strategic level. We won’t share your information with anyone outside of Vizient.

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Realize a world of opportunities for your pharmacy operations

Pharmacy leaders are engaged at every step of patient care, working to reduce costs, develop operational efficiencies and facilitate improved health outcomes.

At Vizient®, we combine industry-leading contracts and analytics, clinical insights, peer networks and individualized consulting to help align teams and improve your clinical, operational and financial efficiencies.

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The business that makes care possible is enormously complex and demanding. Countless variables go into the care you provide every day. We call it Your Care Equation and we’re connecting the best knowledge and innovations across the industry to help you provide better care. And that’s what matters most.

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Maximize Pharmacy Performance

In the current health care environment, health system pharmacies face three main challenges: the first relates to escalating drug costs and a reduction in the effectiveness of old strategies to deliver new savings; the next points to a growing need for ambulatory care as a result of a transition of care delivery outside a hospital; and the last is the shift to value-based care and the heightened need to support appropriate medication use and clinical medication management.