Our performance improvement platforms position members for success

To ensure members are positioned to deliver exceptional, cost-effective care, we have defined four performance improvement platforms that are our basis for building and delivering Vizient solutions and services. These emerge directly from member needs and leverage our organization’s foundational capabilities in sourcing, analytic, advisory and collaboration services. The performance improvement platforms encompass specific outcomes that members seek in their journey to peak performance.

Optimize Supply Operations

Many hospitals and health systems need to remove double-digits from their operating expense to meet the cost curve of Medicare reimbursement. Critical to the success of supply chain operations is finding an optimal mix of practical, tactical goals such as reducing costs and providing opportunities for strategic growth into areas like clinical-to-supply integration, all the while, operating most efficiently with the resources available.

Improve Care Delivery

The American health care system is rapidly changing, and the move towards value-based care is here. A “wait-and-see” approach is no longer an option: The pace is only accelerating. With each step along the continuum, health care executives and clinical leaders are challenged to balance quality with cost, do more with less and focus on value and outcomes instead of volume. Critical to the delivery of exceptional health care is the right clinical care given at the right time with the right team — putting processes in place that deliver consistent outcomes, in the most efficient way possible.

Maximize Pharmacy Performance

In the current health care environment, health system pharmacies face three main challenges: the first relates to escalating drug costs and a reduction in the effectiveness of old strategies to deliver new savings; the next points to a growing need for ambulatory care as a result of a transition of care delivery outside a hospital; and the last is the shift to value-based care and the heightened need to support appropriate medication use and clinical medication management.

Evolve Strategies to Grow and Compete

Value-based care is taking hold of the health care landscape, driving advances in coordination, quality and innovation, while resulting in new clinical and financial risks. As more care is provided in ambulatory settings and patients’ influence over their care increases, health systems will need to evolve strategies that account for these trends in conjunction with local market needs.