Set your sights higher with Vizient Savings Actualyzer - Supplies module


  • Access the industry’s largest repository of market data for health care supplies pricing in real time
  • Easily validate cost-savings initiatives
  • Visually present cost-saving opportunities on medical supplies to decision-makers

Save time and money

We asked members how they normally spend their time on cost-reduction initiatives. We learned that more than half of time spent, is spent on investigating and prioritizing opportunities, while only 16% of efforts include validating results. An inefficient reliance on multiple technologies, time spent aggregating data and an inability to efficiently track and measure results were all identified as challenges:


Investigating and prioritizing


Validating results


Vizient Savings Actualyzer – Supplies simplifies the process of saving on health care supplies by providing benchmarking data in real time. Our customized analytics platform evaluates your data and benchmarks it against peer groups using real-time market data so you can:

  • Quickly and easily view ways to save
  • Calculate expected results
  • And track outcomes achieved

With our benchmarking capabilities through Vizient Savings Actualyzer – Supplies, you can prioritize, track and measure each opportunity, helping you make smarter decisions for your organization. Plus, your product adviser will help you every step of the way to ensure you achieve your savings goals.

Vizient Savings Actualyzer – Supplies gives you the data and support you need to implement significant cost reduction on medical supplies so you can focus your time and effort on higher-level activities.

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