Empowered by information

Improving clinical alignment while reducing costs for clinical preference items requires collaborative discussions between supply chain leaders, clinicians and strategic supply partners. The Vizient® integrated clinical preference solution combines category expertise, data insights and technology to foster more productive conversations and improve clinical supply chain performance for long-term stability.

Find out how to apply a service line approach to improve hip fracture care

April 21 | 1:30 pm CT

During the webinar, our speakers will discuss the impact of hip fractures to society at large and explore how a service line approach can improve care and margin for hip fracture patients.

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Integrated approach to savings

Learn how the Vizient integrated clinical preference solution gives you the information and support you and your team need to promote a more agile, cohesive and sustainable approach that goes beyond acquisition cost reduction and focuses on true value.

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Category experts guide your efforts and deliver both clinical and market intelligence to support informed, accelerated initiatives.
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Data insights

Reliable, credible, actionable data serves as the foundation for driving and sustaining change.

Raw Data Analytics


Our platform expedites the contracting process, facilitates contract compliance, and provides automated, crowdsourced cross-referencing.

Providing value

What makes the Vizient integrated clinical preference solution different?

  • Tenured service line experts
  • Integrated datasets
  • Technology for unique medical device categories
  • Long-term supply chain strategy and sustainable performance
  • Proven track record with billions in documented savings
  • National relationships with suppliers

Clinical and market insights

Vizient subject matter experts provide guidance, offering:

  • Expertise in multiple categories including understanding of current market trends
  • Experience in driving clinical alignment and supporting initiatives
  • Strategy creation to support organizational goals

Value analysis engagement

The solution provides:

  • Access to an automated, crowdsourced cross-reference database
  • An assigned clinical delegate within the organization to score product options
  • Workplan execution to achieve specific value

Speed to value

Take advantage of features including:

  • Preestablished terms and conditions
  • An automated request for proposal process, beginning to end
  • Scenario modeling to determine best value
  • Impact planning — what it will take to implement along with implementation support

Sustainable results

The solution offers ongoing benefits, such as:

  • Utilization optimization, variation reduction 
  • Continuous management of agreements
  • Price monitoring
  • Rebate monitoring 

Expert insight to inform your technology strategy

This edition of the Vizient Tech Watch covers policy and technology changes impacting the cardiovascular and orthopedic service lines and provides expert insight into topics such as the growth of telehealth and virtual care services, changes in inpatient and outpatient procedures and more.

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