Turn months of research into days with EvidenceEngine

Overwhelming volumes of clinical evidence are published every day. How do value-analysis teams filter through it all to make the best evidence-based decisions?

At Vizient® we are partnering with Ediom to bring you EvidenceEngine™ to accelerate your evidence-based decision-making process. EvidenceEngine is an artificial intelligence software that reads, analyzes and synthesizes the millions of pages of published scientific literature to answer your specific value analysis questions in just days. Faster, more comprehensive information empowers you to:

  • Make the best decisions with current clinical evidence
  • Save time by drastically reducing manual research time and incompleteness
  • Align all stakeholders around evidence-based facts
  • Negotiate pricing with manufacturers using complete clinical evidence
We used EvidenceEngine to do an entire coronary vascular category review. It was incredible the amount of evidence it was able to provide in just seven days — research that would have taken us months.
Director of Value Analysis at 300-bed academic medical center

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