Improve supply chain financial performance

Vizient® delivers market insights and data-driven contracting solutions tailored to your supply chain goals to improve financial performance and support patient care. We interact with members through dedicated engagements and events-based episodic contracting.


  •  Leverage national GPO, local and custom agreements
  • Savings opportunities based on market price benchmarking
  • Structured process for sourcing initiatives that ensure accountability

Our solutions incorporate a variety of different approaches including:

  • Member-specific, custom sourcing agreements
  • Sourcing contract enhancements through addendums
  • aptitude™ agreement facilitation
  • Specialized assistance with local contracting

Custom Sourcing Solutions provides insights and expertise to members through contracting solutions, comprehensive strategy and structured process, giving members access to:

  • Dedicated, knowledgeable staff with category expertise and best-in-class contracting methods and approaches
  • Insights into market dynamics, trends, and expertise of suppliers to develop a business strategy
  • Expertise in the contracting process that utilizes data analysis to recommend member strategies and ensure accountability

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