Our program establishes local, competitively bid prices up front and eliminates the need to bid each project separately.

Vizient™ Accelerated Construction Procurement (ACP) Program can help you complete repair, maintenance, renovation and new construction projects with a single competitively awarded contract, saving you up to 24% on administrative costs and vastly reducing the administrative burden of such projects.

Unlike traditional bidding, in which each project is identified, designed and presented for bid, the ACP Program uses a Job Order Contracting (JOC) process that establishes competitively bid prices upfront for a set of customized, pre-priced construction tasks. Projects include items critical to hospital and health care procedures such as infection control risk assessment and life safety.

The ACP program combines the core elements of unsurpassed labor and materials data, industry-leading software, proven procurement services and Vizient’s robust local contracts. By sidestepping the standard design-bid-construct cycle for each project, our program offers you greater efficiency, lower costs and better construction quality.


  • Increased efficiency, transparency, collaboration and accountability
  • Local network of prequalified, on-call contractors that offer upfront pricing
  • Estimated savings of up to 24% on administrative costs
  • Reduction in procurement time
  • Fewer change orders and claims
  • Higher construction quality
  • Increased use of Minority and Women Business Enterprise vendors

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