Managing drug spend in 2020

Approvals of expensive new gene therapies. Drug shortages that limit access to critical drugs. Regulatory changes.

Is your health system pharmacy prepared for what’s coming in 2020?

The Vizient® Drug Price Forecast is the industry's leading report on pharmaceutical price trends, offering 18-month projections as well as details on trends that will affect future pharmaceutical budgets.

Access the forecast to find out:

  • Which drug approvals in 2020 will affect pharmacy budgets
  • Which drugs top the charts for price increases and total spend
  • Strategies for managing drug shortages, biosimilar adoption, high-cost drugs and more
  • The five action steps that can transform the strategic role of your pharmacy

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"Our pharmacy relies on the pediatric price inflation rate in the Drug Price Forecast."

Casey Dugan, Pharm.D., MBA
VP, Pharmacy Services
Children's Hospital Colorado

Top five prescription drug trends

What do you need to know to anticipate and manage drug spend this year? We’ve identified five trends to watch:

  1. Ongoing drug shortages
  2. Wider adoption of biosimilars
  3. More high-cost drugs entering the market
  4. Changing compliance deadlines
  5. Increased action to address the high cost of drugs

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