Save up to 26 percent on energy costs with Vizient Energy Solutions

Vizient® provides energy solutions to help you significantly reduce energy costs and consumption to sustain long-term savings. The best part about Vizient Energy Solutions is that we can develop customized plans to help your health system deliver savings — with or without capital investment.

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Vizient Energy Solutions can help your organization identify opportunities to procure, manage and monitor your energy usage.

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Program offerings

Energy procurement

Procure competitively priced electricity and natural gas in deregulated states

Demand reduction

Reduce your energy costs by optimizing your current building automation systems and if desired, provide objective road maps for capital improvement

Utility bill audits

Provide price adherence and compliance monitoring for your utilities by analyzing the billed versus tariff or contracted rate


Explore opportunities to use alternative energy sources and reduce your carbon footprint

Novant Health saves $500,000 with Vizient Energy Solutions

Novant Health saved $500,000 by performing an energy analysis and sustaining lower energy consumption. Learn how they worked with the right partners to optimize their health system’s building automation system, reduce their carbon footprint and create a sustainable environment for the future.