Technology that drives clinical variation improvement by tying interventions to outcomes

Clinician Decision Analytics is brought to you in partnership with Phrase Health, a data and analytics company that provides a platform for electronic health record (EHR) configuration to gain deep insights into physician ordering practices and quality improvement interventions.

Combined with our Clinical Data Base (CDB) and quality consulting expertise, Vizient® can deliver new and unique insights in clinical variation. Alone, or combined with insights from the CDB, this powerful tool allows health care organizations to aggregate EHR data to pursue clinical variation opportunities, review order set interventions and alerts, and monitor compliance over time.

Clinician Decision Analytics fact sheet

Key benefits

  • Improve profitability per case by reducing unnecessary orders and optimizing consults to other departments
  • Enhance service line performance by improving key measures, governance and departmental accountability
  • Improve quality, process, and value-based outcomes
  • Ability to connect charge-based resource data to order sets
  • Connect interventions to risk-adjusted Vizient outcomes data
  • Augment insights around variation and optimize EHR configurations

Gain insight into the detailed attribution behind clinical variation

Watch how Clinician Decision Analytics provides a granular level of information which allows clinical leaders to develop evidence-based order sets and alerts, monitor compliance, and track ongoing performance.


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