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Outstanding care requires a daily focus on patient safety

Join us to learn more about how you can improve the safety of your patients in various areas of care. As a participant in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service’s Partnership for Patients Safety Across the Board Affinity Group, Vizient® is focused on helping our members ensure safe care for all patients they serve. Safety Across the Board is a concept being advanced by the Partnership for Patients that aims to use a broad and systematic approach toward building a patient-centered organizational response to reduce and prevent all patient harm. See below to learn how to improve patient safety in the areas of people, process and technology.


Building a culture of safety begins with people. From the C-suite to the basement, everyone is critical. Organizational leadership’s role must be in prioritizing safety through actions such as establishing a culture of safety that encourages discussion of potential and actual safety issues, supporting efforts to improve safety and monitoring progress. On the front lines, it is just as important that each person be proactive in engaging patients and their families in the safety of their care, which includes education on how patients can help keep themselves safe and encouraging them to speak up if don’t feel they’re receiving safe care.


The way work gets done is one of the most controllable aspects of patient safety. Efficient, repeatable processes are integral to patient care and health care operations. When done well, patients receive more consistent, quality care, and this consistency leads to a safer environment. Reduced process variation is often a first step towards a sustainable culture of safety. A safety culture should empower the front line to take immediate action when problems arise that could result in an adverse safety event.


Technology has become an integral part of medicine today. Whether it be a piece of technology that reduces the chance for harm or data that is used to identify areas for improvement, technology is an essential partner to health care professionals to provide better care and improved safety. The right data can be used to measure safety issues, allowing us to identify the root cause. Additionally, technology can provide new and safer ways to care for patients.

Connect with us to learn how we can help you implement safety across the board.