Uniting physicians and administrative stakeholders through data and decision-making

While many health care organizations have made significant strides in cost, managing utilization and costs for physician preference items (PPI) continues to be a challenge. Critical to this effort is a health care organization’s relationship with physicians and the ability to change behavior. Now, more than ever, organizations need to take a broader approach to achieving cost reductions. Success depends on having credible data to foster the right conversations with clinicians — conversations that show the impact of physician decisions on both clinical and financial outcomes.

Vizient experts use data and analytics to align physicians and organizational stakeholders to reduce overall acquisition costs and ultimately move organizations toward a more sophisticated utilization model. By focusing conversations with clinicians around improving clinical and financial outcomes while reducing cost and variation, we help organizations remain patient-focused while continually improving their overall performance.

See how Vizient experts helped three very different organizations achieve their cost reduction goals through PPI consulting.

Learn how one member transformed their governance structure

Implementing a service line strategy that positions your organization as a market leader in delivering the best outcomes at the most efficient cost is critical. Learn how to align operations, data and insights in our webcast Aligned Decision-Making to Accelerate Organizatonal Results.



Watch the Service Line Success Webcast on decision-making and governance

Tackling physician preference items with IHN Sourcing Group

Taking on five physician preference items in four months can be daunting, but for IHN Sourcing Group, it was an outstanding endeavor. In this 7-part video series, Shawn Katusin, executive director of IHN Sourcing group, describes how Vizient helped them reduce cost, improve standardization and maintain high levels of quality. Continue the story:

How Vizient Changed the Game
Driving Physician Alignment
Presenting a Unified Front
How Less Equals More Value
Looking Back and Looking Ahead
IHN Sourcing Group: The Vizient Difference


Engaging physicians to reduce PPI cost with Health Future, LLC

What happens when a consortium of independent hospitals and hospital systems looks for ways to reduce physician preference item costs? Leslie Flick, executive director, Health Future, LLC, explains its approach to cost reduction for each organization, and how Vizient Advisory Solutions team members were able to identify a strategic direction to lower costs and deliver value.

Reducing variation at Sutter Health

When Sutter Health wanted to create a unified sourcing solution that met all of its diverse organizations’ needs, it turned to Vizient to help reduce variation and deliver purchasing power across the Sutter system. Trish Barrett, director of value analysis and clinical engagement at Sutter Health, describes the challenges and benefits of connecting costs and outcomes to engage physicians and lower the overall cost of care.