Proven methodologies for success

Critical to the delivery of exceptional health care is the right clinical care given at the right time with the right team — putting processes in place that deliver consistent outcomes and do so in the most efficient way possible. We team up with providers and optimize their total cost of care by creating a proven framework that engages physicians for total cost management performance. This framework leverages analytics, industry experts and a proven change management model.

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Align your clinical resources to drive better outcomes





In the new environment of value-based reimbursement, patient outcomes are at the center of the value equation and have a major role in determining reimbursement dollars. Critical to the delivery of exceptional health care is putting processes in place to deliver the right care at the right time with the right team.

Members who use our solutions achieve enhanced clinical performance, case margins, quality and care coordination.

Our comprehensive solutions help providers:

  • Analyze and optimize utilization, variation and service line performance
  • Create and implement a more effective and clinically led value management program with embedded analytics and accountability
  • Improve quality and safety
  • Implement physician management strategies aligning their goals and incentives to quality and organizational targets
  • Drive sustainable results through change management methodologies across operations, clinical and supply chain
  • Integrate the clinical and supply chain enterprises to make informed decisions and optimize cost structure, margin and quality in alignment with members' strategic visions

Advisory solutions for clinical performance and quality

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