Hospitals and health systems need bundled payment strategies that are efficient, cost effective and drive better patient outcomes. We offer the industry's most complete set of bundled payment services to help members deliver value-based care.


  • Create financial incentives to improve hospital margins
  • Design and implement new care protocols
  • Measure current and predicted Medicare reconciliation payments

As providers move to a risk-based model for managing target pricing, mandatory bundled payments are becoming the norm.

Vizient® offers the industry’s most complete set of bundled payment services. Our integrated technology and service solutions address care optimization, physician alignment, informed analytics, and program administration. We can deploy them comprehensively or customize a solution augmenting your existing acute and post-acute care programs.

  • Physician alignment services that align physicians with care redesign and episode management for hospital margin improvement
  • Care plan redesign and internal cost reduction programs that promote excellent patient outcomes and reduce non-value-added services from pre- to post-surgery
  • Preferred post-acute care network development to implement optimal care plans for your patients
  • Episode performance consulting which provides on-site deployment of clinical experts
  • Informed analytics to measure and predict Medicare reconciliation payment and internal cost savings

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