Networks deliver collaborative power

To support collaboration among our members at large systems, as well as community and regional hospitals, we offer networks specialized for these members. Through our Community-based Member Networks, health care leaders are empowered to:

  • Improve care delivery
  • Advance leadership and clinicians
  • Align with industry standards
  • Achieve top-performer standing
  • Create organizational efficiencies

CEO Executive Boards

Through collaboration, members of our CEO Executive Boards gain access to leading performance improvement practices, opportunities for knowledge exchange and strategies to prepare for the future of health care. CEO Executive Boards are organized geographically, and each one consists of CEOs from participating member organizations.

Just having that network among other CEOs to bounce things off of and say, ‘Are you working on this too? Are you struggling with this? What are you thinking about with this?’ Those connections are of phenomenal help.

Catherine JacobsonPresident and CEO, Froedtert Health

Member peer networks

Discipline-specific networks

These networks offer productive, topic-based, problem-solving and deep learning education opportunities around common concerns and challenges. Local networks are organized for the following leaders:

  • Finance and operations
  • Human resources
  • Medical
  • Nurse
  • Pharmacy
  • Quality
  • Supply chain and value analysis

Segment- and topic-based networks

These networks provide opportunities for an interprofessional forum to explore and strategize together on shared complex challenges.

  • Community-based independent hospitals
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Innovation practices
  • Large systems: Medical, Nurse, Pharmacy, Quality, Senior executives, Supply
  • Payer strategies

Additional benefits of being a network participant

As a participant in the Community-based Member Networks, you can also take advantage of other network offerings. From in-person and online education to Performance Improvement Collaboratives, you can expect a program that connects you to your peers and subject matter experts.

Connect with your peers and begin your collaborative performance improvement experience.