Our learn networks connect members with diverse perspectives to create, innovate and drive change in their organizations. We provide members with opportunities to address shared challenges among peer groups, from C-level executives and supply chain experts, to nurses and physicians. We also connect members near one another to address local issues.

Benefits of networks that foster learning

  • Connect with key learnings from members across the nation
  • Explore topics and issues of shared strategic interest through roundtables, events and programs
  • Access ideas, content and approaches driven by strategic research, data, insights and advisers

Collaboration to achieve dynamic results

Vizient Member Networks connect health care leaders to discuss solutions to the industry's most pressing issues. Through the networks, leaders in the c-suite, clinical, operational, financial, pharmacy, supply chain and value analysis roles interact with similar sized hospitals to gain strategic insights to help speed performance improvement initiatives at individual facilities. Continuing education offerings are also provided and are structured around relevant trending health care topics.

Learn networks examples

Our networks are member-directed and help members create, innovate and drive change in their organizations.

CEO Executive Boards

Through collaboration, members of our CEO Executive Boards gain exclusive access to leading performance improvement practices, opportunities for knowledge exchange and strategies to prepare for the future of health care. 

Peer networks

Peer networks are learn networks with options for local, cross-geography and virtual participation. Below is a sample of our peer networks, which we organize by discipline, shared topic and initiative, and network by segment:

  • Nursing Executives
  • Medical Executives
  • Quality Executives
  • Financial Executives
  • Operations Executives
  • Pharmacy Executives
  • Supply Chain & Value Analysis Executives
  • Human Resources Executives

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