Giant leaps in health care innovations

Health care has experienced giant leaps in innovations over the last few decades — improving life expectancy and quality of life. Some of the most meaningful innovations enable patients to access medical information quickly and easily, provide medical education to the masses and give clinicians the ability to collaborate on medical cases.



Don't be satisfied with the status quo

Innovation continues to be a major focus for health care organizations as they face continual challenges to improve quality, lower costs and improve market performance.

Strong organizations know they must not be satisfied with the status quo and do more than just working harder.

1 Inside the patient journey: Three key touch points for consumer engagement strategies. Deloitte website. Published September 2018. Accessed August 2019.


Consumers are interested in engaging virtually to identify their health symptoms.1


More than 50% of consumers with chronic conditions and use wearable technology would be willing to share data for emergency situations.1

Medical Leadership Series on demand

Leading care into the future through digital solution innovation

Patient interactions and expectations for care delivery are changing. Due to limited time and resources, we need to ensure we have developed a care delivery system to support these changing needs. Through integration of digital solutions, organizations have an opportunity to stay ahead of the curve.

Collaboration to foster innovation

Together with your peers, you can achieve performance improvement faster, leading to a greater return on your time, the development of best practices, and insights that can only be gained through collaboration.

Our Vizient Member Networks and Performance Management programs enable our members to foster innovation through offerings designed by experts.

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We work with members to identify breakthrough solutions while raising the standard of care.

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