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At Vizient, our mission is to strengthen our members’ delivery of high-value care by aligning cost, quality and market performance. To help us achieve that goal, we survey network members each year to determine the direction and focus of our offerings. From member feedback, our focus themes for improvement in health care are:

  • Leading and managing systems
  • Engaging your workforce
  • Optimizing care delivery
  • Fostering innovation

Our Networks Improvement

Lead and manage systems

Health care organizations continue to consolidate, creating large, integrated systems. Complexity in the industry is compounded when coupled with capacity challenges. All of which drives the need to intensify efforts to improve operational efficiency and ensure the delivery of high-value patient care.

Our Networks Improvement

Optimizing care delivery

Ensuring safety and reliability across the care continuum is vital to preventing unintentional harm. The focus on improving patient safety is a primary concern in working with patients and their families, and other providers.

Our Networks Improvement

Engaging your workforce

Clinician burnout presents a long-term risk for health care. Organizations are creating inclusive cultures and enabling clinicians to work at the top of their licenses, which improves patient access and increases employee engagement.

Our Networks Improvement

Fostering innovation

Health care has made huge leaps in the last few decades as a result of innovations. Organizations overcome ever occurring challenges by seeking to be better than the status quo.

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