Vizient™ brings together quality and performance leaders to collaborate on focused problem solving designed to pinpoint opportunities and empower action on the most critical aspects of health care performance. We offer opportunities to network with like-minded members working on common issues vital to our nation's health care reform agenda while getting support from subject-matter experts and experienced collaborative advisers. We offer collaborative projects, webinars and archived web resources that combine expert-led research and insights to help you realize top-tier performance in quality, safety and cost effectiveness.


  • Working with peers to solve important issues
  • Focusing on a variety of domains from efficiency to patient safety
  • Accessing resources to help your organization improve

Our Performance Improvement Collaboratives address the following essential domains:

  • Effectiveness (Coordinating care/patient flow)
  • Efficiency (Managing cost and utilization)
  • Mortality (Improving patient survival)
  • Patient centeredness (Improving the patient experience)
  • Safety (Preventing patient harm)

Outcomes data demonstrate that organizations participating in collaboratives have better results and reduce patient harm at a greater rate than nonparticipants. Experiences of participating members include:

  • A reduction in patient harm and readmissions, extending to lives saved
  • Increased revenue by eliminating potential value-based purchasing penalties imposed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

Examples of our collaboratives and benchmarking studies include:

  • Adverse Drug Events Improvement Collaborative Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain
  • Early Recognition and Intervention for Sepsis Management Improvement Collaborative
  • Emergency Department Throughput Collaborative
  • Improving Palliative/End-of-Life Care Collaborative
  • Frequently Admitted Patient Benchmarking Study
  • The Care Continuum from Acute Episode to Clinic Collaborative

Knowledge transfer resources provide members with highlights from completed projects. Final reports for Performance Improvement Collaboratives and Benchmarking Studies as well as leading practice resources are available. These resources are located on the respective project web pages.

Learn more about our completed Performance Improvement Collaboratives and Benchmarking Studies.

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Collaborative results

The Nurse-Physician Team Communication to Enhance the Patient Experience Improvement Collaborative effectively implemented change to improve patient outcomes, increase patient safety and enhance patient and family engagement opportunities. Members participating during 2015 experienced improvements in communication with nurses and hospital staff responsiveness.


When comparing an average of results between 1Q15 and 2Q15 to 3Q15: 58 percent of participating members showed improvement in communication with nurses and 71 percent showed improvement in the responsiveness of hospital staff.

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