An engaged workforce means a happier workforce

In an industry that is increasingly struggling with physician and nursing burnout, health care organizations need to focus their efforts on workforce engagement. High employee satisfaction — realized through an engaged workforce — is strongly linked to patient satisfaction and ultimately improved health care delivery.

Focus on self-care

Care for yourself so you can care for others

Caring for others can be demanding. Putting your oxygen mask on yourself before assisting others — a common metaphor in health care — simply means that nurses and physicians must care for themselves to effectively care for others. Health care organizations can look to other institutions — such as Vanderbilt University Medical Center, which created a wellness program for its nurses — to help their clinicians care for themselves. Also, they should consider implementing efforts to identify and reduce nurse bullying, a prevalent problem that can diminish morale, thereby impacting patient care. Read three tips to empower nurses who are facing this issue.

Clinician collaboration and communication

It takes a village to care for patients. Many top-performing health care organizations are focusing on team-based care to improve outcomes. This involves helping clinicians understand their roles, including how they correlate with other roles and departments. People who communicate and work together are more engaged and effective at their jobs.

Engage your workforce in performance improvement

Empower your clinicians to improve care delivery. One of the most impactful ways to promote clinician engagement is to involve them in performance improvement work. Watch this video to learn from New Hanover Regional Medical Center about its efforts to completely redesign how care is delivered in its nursing units. In addition, read about the impact of engaging your clinicians in performance improvement efforts:

Leadership is key to workforce optimization

Optimizing clinicians and keeping them engaged must be a key focus for health care organization leaders. With an increase in clinician burnout and the generational differences of the current workforce, leadership must evaluate its workforce, learn what engages them most and empower them to become leaders.

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