The Upper Midwest Consolidated Services Center (UMCSC) is a local, member-driven supply network of Vizient Upper Midwest member organizations. The members of the UMCSC commit to centralized sourcing and contracting, and explore other potential supply chain management initiatives and business solutions. Mayo Clinic Sourcing and Contracting is the UMCSC contracting service provider.

Contact Steve Krumenauer at or (952) 837-4766 for more information about the UMCSC and membership.

Supplier information

Mayo Clinic, in conjunction with Vizient resources, provides sourcing and contracting services to the Upper Midwest Consolidated Service Center, LLC (UMCSC).  Suppliers are requested to work with the UMCSC staff and Mayo Sourcing and Contracting team on all membership contractual opportunities and refrain from pursuing individual site-based agreements.

Sourcing and contracting initiatives follow Mayo Clinic’s go-to-market strategy and closely mirror the Novation contracting guidelines.  In most cases, contracts are addendums to Novation’s base agreements which reflect the aggregation activity or other member commitments made to the supplier community. Suppliers are expected to report and pay administrative fees in accordance with the existing base Novation agreement or other mutually negotiated terms. The UMCSC does not collect administrative fees.

The UMCSC uses innovative sourcing strategies that may include eAuctioning, sole, dual or multi-source awards, site-based sole award commitments / market share, related-category multiple contract awards, rebate incentives, increased administrative fee to Novation, and/or corporate overlays/agreements. Suppliers are encouraged to work creatively with the UMCSC to avoid competing in an open market through auctioning, RFP/RFQ activities, etc.

For more information regarding the UMCSC, suppliers should contact Nancy Wobig, Mayo Sourcing and Contracting, at or (507) 538-7173.