Opioid stewardship webcast

Join us on Feb. 27 to hear from a Vizient member's experience in the Opioid Stewardship Performance Improvement Collaborative. BJC Healthcare discusses the implementation of their opioid stewardship program from conception to implementation. Leaders from the health system will provide insight into setbacks and successes of starting a program from scratch and practical tips for other health systems to use in conceptualizing and starting their own opioid stewardship programs.

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In the fall of 2016 Vizient issued a call for change to help reduce opioid misuse and addiction. We realize that while opioids alleviate pain, the misuse of these substances is resulting in unprecedented death and hardship. By collaborating with our members and industry experts, we believe together we can change the face of opioid addiction for the better in America. We are delighted you are interested in joining our multi-pronged effort and look forward to providing additional information to you based on your area of interest.

We invite our members to drive change across America by working together to:

  • Reduce opioid abuse, misuse, addiction and overdose
  • Advocate for increased and expanded opioid-use awareness as well as increased substance abuse services
  • Safely meet the needs of patients experiencing pain

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How UK HealthCare is addressing the opioid crisis

Addressing the opioid crisis through pain management

Phillip Chang, MD, chief medical officer at UK HealthCare discusses how the academic medical center is helping doctors there tackle the crisis by educating patients on treatments that will help manage pain and reduce the potential for opioid misuse. UK HealthCare is a member of the Vizient Opioid Stewardship Collaborative.

For additional information or inquiries about the Vizient opioid resources, contact Jodi Eisenberg, Senior Director, Accreditation Program at (312) 775-4426.