Vizient Networking Channel Guidelines

Vizient University Health System Consortium encourages the use of its networking channels (listservers, blogs, discussion boards, forums, and collaboration sites) to share information and promote discussions among and with members. By viewing or posting comments, links, or other information on any of Vizient's networking channels, you are declaring that you understand and agree to the following:

  • Although a Vizient University Health System Consortium networking channel may be secured to a specific group of individuals, there is no guarantee of privacy in any electronic message or posting. The Vizient networking channels do not encrypt e-mail transmissions. Electronic messages can remain on computers and back-up media after you delete them.
  • Posting should address one topic. The topic should be included in the subject line of your posting.
  • Posting should include no more than five questions or subparts of questions seeking a response. If you wish to ask more than 5 questions, contact the Network’s program manager or director listserver owner for assistance. Surveys longer than 5 questions are not prohibited; however, to limit the burden on members, ensure question clarity and avoid redundancy, Network approval is required before being posted to the listserver.
  • Information shared or collected using the listservers is intended for members’ internal use, Network use, or other Vizient University Health System Consortium member networking and collaboration.
  • The listservers should not be used to collect information from other members for use in or included as part of a published research study. Requests to collect information for such purposes should be directed to the Network program manager or director who will assist you in determining the appropriate channel and ensure proper disclosures are included in any member survey, queries or other requests. Additionally, Vizient must be provided the opportunity to review any preliminary manuscript prior to publication. Any preliminary manuscripts must be submitted to the Network program manager or director for Vizient review.
  • The use of Vizient 's networking channels and information may not be shared outside of Vizient membership or Vizient networking channel participants, except for any research studies that have been approved for publication by Vizient. Specifically, no third parties or vendors should be provided access to Vizient’s networking channels and information.
  • The listserver may not be used to solicit financial contributions by members to fund member projects or other initiatives.
  • As an employee of your institution, you have an obligation to maintain the confidentiality of your institution's confidential information.
  • No posting may contain Protected Health Information (PHI). PHI includes any information related to an individual's health condition or the provision of, or payment for, health care—or for which there is a reasonable basis to believe the information can be used to identify the individual. PHI is protected under the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Examples of PHI include, but are not limited to, patient age, procedure date, or location.
  • No posting may contain information that violates antitrust laws. Some examples of information that may create antitrust issues include pricing, cost, or salary data.
  • Generally you should only post your own information. If you must post materials that are not your own, you must include proper citation, including any copyright and trademark designations. When referencing someone else’s work, please provide source information for research assistance.
  • Vizient networking channels cannot be used for advertisements, business solicitations, or spam.
  • Use of derogatory, defamatory, obscene, or inappropriate language is prohibited on all Vizient networking channels.
  • Never post any information that could incriminate or harm another individual or entity.
  • You should seek Vizient University Health System Consortium's permission if you would like to use a Vizient networking channel other than one of which you are a member. Check with your Network program manager or director.
  • Vizient University Health System Consortium will work with you if you desire to post an anonymous request or need assistance drafting your post.

Remember that all posts on any of Vizient 's networking channels are subject to review by Vizient. Please contact the Vizient legal department with any questions at (312) 775-4407.